Media Releases

  • The Thistlethwaite Indoctrination Campaign

    05 September 2022 · 1 reaction

    The Australian Monarchist League was disappointed to read The Sydney Morning Herald’s interview (3/9/22) with The Hon. Matt Thistlethwaite MP, Assistant Minister for the Republic.

    Firstly, concerning this interview, The Sydney Morning Herald sought no comment from the Australian Monarchist League or the Vote No Republic campaign at large. The Australian Monarchist League has specifically requested that, in the interests of the Australian people, it be approached to provide equal commentary in opposition to applicable remarks published or aired by Mr Thistlethwaite, Peter FitzSimons, or any other republican spokesperson. This request was reported nationally only five days ago. The Australian Monarchist League is deeply concerned that The Sydney Morning Herald appears biased in its presentation of arguments pertaining to the removal of the Crown from the Constitution.

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  • Eric Abetz to Head Monarchist Campaign

    01 September 2022 · 1 reaction

    Former Minister Eric Abetz to Head the Monarchist’s Republic Campaign

    The Australian Monarchist League is pleased to announce that former government minister and Leader of the Government in the Senate, the Hon. Eric Abetz, is the new chairman of the monarchist campaign opposing the Albanese government's plans for a republic.

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  • The Morrison Portfolios

    22 August 2022 · 1 reaction

    Republic No Answer to the Morrison Portfolios

    The Assistant Minister for the Republic, Matt Thistlethwaite, has said (Australian 22/8/22) in talking about Mr Morrison’s extra portfolios that “If we had a head of state that was appointed by the Australian people then it is my view that the prime minister would not have gotten away with this” but then, I thought Mr Albanese had insisted there was no illegality.

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  • Pledge to Queen Needs to Go Say Republicans

    09 August 2022 · 1 reaction

    Pledge to Queen Needs to Go Say Republicans

    The Australian Republican Movement have just conducted a survey through the polling company Essential Media asking the question “As you may be aware, elected members of the Australian Parliament are required to make a pledge of allegiance. Who do you think they should be required to pledge to serve and bear allegiance to?”

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  • Are We on the Verge of Anarchy?

    02 August 2022 · 1 reaction

    Are We on the Verge of Anarchy?

    The pledge of allegiance was included in the Australian Constitution by our Founding Fathers for the specific purpose of ensuring that members of the Australian parliament accepted and were loyal to the Australian Constitution, the Australian system of governance and the Rule of Law. The pledge, whether by oath or by affirmation, is taken by MPs and Senators following their election or re-election to the Parliament. It is a pledge that binds them for life and can only be removed by the sovereign.

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  • Assistant Ministry for the Republic Should Be Abolished

    25 July 2022 · 1 reaction

    Monarchists Call for the Assistant Ministry for the Republic to Be Abolished.

    The Australian Monarchist League is calling on the Prime Minister to either abolish the Assistant Ministry for the Republic or, should he decline to do so, to either remove the Republic ministry or that of Defence and Veterans’ Affairs from the Assistant Minister as Defence and Veterans’ Affairs have nothing whatsoever to do with the government’s plans for a republic.

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  • Monarchist Petition Dutton to Level the Playing Field

    15 June 2022 · 1 reaction

    Monarchist Petition Dutton to Level the Playing Field

    The Australian Monarchist League, Australia’s major organisation in opposing the government’s plans for a republic, is so concerned about the unfair advantage the Labor government has provided to republicans by gifting them a government minister that it has raised a petition with over 1000 signatories calling on the Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Peter Dutton MP, to create a Shadow Assistant Minister for the Constitution.

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  • Public Banned from Jubilee Events

    01 June 2022 · 5 reactions

    The disgraceful act of a new government
    The People Banned from Official Platinum Jubilee Events

    Just days after taking the reins of power, the new Federal Government (through the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet) have prevented everyday Australians from attending the two main national celebrations of the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in Canberra.

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  • Matters of State

    15 May 2022 · 1 reaction

    Matters of State

    Articles now appearing in the media calling for the Queen to abdicate due to her mobility problems completely fail to understand both Her Majesty herself and the meaning of the Coronation Oath she took 69 years ago.

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  • Sandilands is Wrong

    15 February 2022 · 1 reaction

    Reference the heading in the Daily Mail Australia “Major win for the Australian Republic Movement as high-profile monarchist Kyle Sandilands denounces the royal family and says he will no longer support them after the Queen dies.” It should be made clear that the Australian Monarchist League, which is the largest and most active member-based monarchist organisation in Australia, has never, at any time, received any offer of support from Mr Sandilands and he does not appear anywhere on our 50,000 plus proven database of supporters, many of whom are under the age of 40.


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