Media Releases

  • Monarchists Support Government's Citizenship Ceremonies Code

    21 September 2019

    The Australian Monarchist League welcomes the decision of the Launceston City Council to back down from its intention to hold citizenship ceremonies on a date other than the 26th of January.  We commend the Australian government for its Citizenship Ceremonies Code, requiring all but the smallest of councils to hold their Australia Day citizenship ceremonies on the 26th of January.

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  • 775,000 Young Australians Helped by the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

    21 September 2019

    Tony Abbott Was Right to Nominate the Duke for Australia’s Highest Honour.

    The recent visit of HRH The Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex KG GCVO to Australia from the 12th to the 17th September, 2019 passed by without much fanfare. The Prince was in Australia as Chair of the Board of Trustees of The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Foundation to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Award which fell on September 10th.

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    11 September 2019

    The Australian Monarchist League is delighted that TRH the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be in Australia from 16 October departing on the 27th. Whilst Prince Harry has been in Australia on several occasions, this will be the first visit of the Duchess of Sussex and the first of the Duke since their marriage and we are certain that they will both experience a warm and cheerful welcome wherever they go.

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  • The Matter of Brexit

    31 August 2019

    The events currently occurring in the UK will, no doubt, be confusing for many. In fact, the way in which members of the British Parliament are doing everything they can to nullify the decisive vote of the British people to leave the European Union in 2016 is, in itself, confusing.

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  • “Feel with them in the fight for the World’s Freedom.”

    28 August 2019

    Anyone visiting St James Park, London may come across the Guards Cenotaph on which are written the words “Feel with them in the fight for the World’s Freedom.”

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  • What Good Does a Stickybeak Do?

    18 August 2019

    Why is so much time and expense being taken to have a stickybeak at correspondence between the Governor-General and the Queen of 44 years ago? Is it to make money from writing a book or it is an attempt to infer that the Queen interferes in our system of governance and thus try to bolster support for a republic?

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  • Regarding Indigenous Recognition & The Voice

    04 August 2019

    The purpose of the Australian Monarchist League is to protect the integrity of the Australian Constitution and the Crown within it. We have been silent so far on the matter of Indigenous Recognition and a Voice to the Parliament as we are awaiting the release of the detail of a formal government proposal.

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  • Turnbull - The Liberal Party Aberration

    09 July 2019

    The debate on Malcolm Turnbull’s attempt to involve the Governor-General during the final days of his leadership continues. Of course, Sir Peter Cosgrove would have listened to what his Prime Minister had to say, but it in no way means he would have followed advice that was bad or unconstitutional.

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  • Below is an Open Letter to Malcolm Turnbull

    01 July 2019

    Dear Mr Turnbull,

    I would like to pass onto you the eternal gratitude of The Australian Monarchists League for the work you personally did as PM in your last days in office to strengthen the role of our Governor General in our constitution.

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  • The Governor-General The Watchdog Not in the Room

    29 June 2019

    It is interesting to note the part that the Governor-General played in ensuring that constitutional lines were not crossed. It is not that he was actively involved or indeed may not even have known anything about his name being used in the Turnbull discussions, it was the fact that, as representative of the Queen, everyone involved knew that there was no way that he could ever be a party to the intrigues of the prime minister.

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