Media Releases

  • Turnbull - The Liberal Party Aberration

    09 July 2019

    The debate on Malcolm Turnbull’s attempt to involve the Governor-General during the final days of his leadership continues. Of course, Sir Peter Cosgrove would have listened to what his Prime Minister had to say, but it in no way means he would have followed advice that was bad or unconstitutional.

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  • Below is an Open Letter to Malcolm Turnbull

    01 July 2019

    Dear Mr Turnbull,

    I would like to pass onto you the eternal gratitude of The Australian Monarchists League for the work you personally did as PM in your last days in office to strengthen the role of our Governor General in our constitution.

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  • The Governor-General The Watchdog Not in the Room

    29 June 2019

    It is interesting to note the part that the Governor-General played in ensuring that constitutional lines were not crossed. It is not that he was actively involved or indeed may not even have known anything about his name being used in the Turnbull discussions, it was the fact that, as representative of the Queen, everyone involved knew that there was no way that he could ever be a party to the intrigues of the prime minister.

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  • The Constitutional Crisis We Nearly Had

    28 June 2019

    The revelations that are now coming out in regard to the end days of the Turnbull prime ministership only strengthen the case for retaining our system of constitutional monarchy. Even Malcolm Turnbull, former head of the Australian Republican Movement, is said to have tweeted “The discretion to swear in a person as PM is vested in the ¬governor-general. The proposition advanced by Mr Porter that it is none of the GG’s business whether the ¬would-be PM is constitutionally eligible is nonsense. The GG is not a constitutional cypher.’’ (Australian 28/6/19)

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  • The Rule of Law is Very Much Alive in Hong Kong

    19 June 2019

    The generally peaceable demonstrations in Hong Kong are more than merely student protests in that they reflect the desire to hold onto the basic rights of man which became a fundamental principle in the development of British democracy following Magna Carta of 1215 AD.

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  • Albanese Pursues Divisive Pathway

    02 June 2019

    It didn’t take long for Mr Albanese to resort to the same sort of divisive strategy that led his predecessor, Bill Shorten, to a massive rejection by the people.

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  • The Shorten Agenda Was Too Much for People

    29 May 2019

    The vote in this general election was not so much anti-Labor but rather anti—Shorten. This is because Bill Shorten announced many changes to the status quo.

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  • The Australian Monarchist League will be involved in this election

    14 April 2019

    Because Bill Shorten has committed a government led by him to hold a plebiscite on a republic within 100 days of becoming prime minister.

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  • The Brexit Referendum Does Not Bind the British Parliament

    29 January 2019

    There has been talk that the Queen should order the British parliament to implement the will of the people of the Brexit referendum of two and a half years ago.

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  • How To Get Christians Offside In One Easy Tweet

    05 November 2018

    Peter Fitzsimons seems to have got his bandanna in a knot and is nonplussed by the comment of AML spokesperson Josh Manuatu that he, Josh, believes in the divinity of the sovereign as do many Christians (ARM Media Release 4/11/18 – copied below).

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