Turnbull - The Liberal Party Aberration

Turnbull - The Liberal Party Aberration

The debate on Malcolm Turnbullā€™s attempt to involve the Governor-General during the final days of his leadership continues. Of course, Sir Peter Cosgrove would have listened to what his Prime Minister had to say, but it in no way means he would have followed advice that was bad or unconstitutional.

This is, of course, a major function of our system of constitutional monarchy where the executive head of state owes allegiance not to any prime minister or political party but only to the Crown and through the Crown to the people.

Had the Liberal Party selected Peter Dutton as its leader, Malcolm Turnbull could well have created a political crisis as, in his resentful state of mind, it was possible that he could have crossed the floor together with his coterie of supporters with the sole aim of bringing down a Dutton-led government.

He will go down in history as a Liberal Party aberration. ThoseĀ Liberals who voted against Turnbull in the 2015 leadership spill have indeed been vindicated.


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