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The Australian Monarchist League is above party politics but our mandate is to fight a republic and unfortunately moves towards a republic has become part and parcel of a Labor government.

Accordingly, with the election of the Labor/Republic government, we must now prepare to face what we believe will be an insidious campaign funded by you — the taxpayer — to indoctrinate the Australian people into accepting the removal of the Crown and its replacement by the politician controlled State. 

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The 2022 Republic Campaign page was originally created following the release on 12 January 2022 of the model proposed by the Australian Republic Movement to be put to the people at a future referendum.

The Australian Monarchist League immediately responded with our views and you can read our comments from the links below.

Also included, is the text of the details released by Peter FitzSimons on 12/1/22 as well as other material relevant to our campaign to retain the Crown within the Australian Constitution.

More information will be included over the next few weeks.

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  • Eral Goullet
    commented 2023-05-17 17:41:04 +1000
    The 12 member Voice group will have the power to hold the rest off Australia to ransom over any legislation they dont like. They wont even represent the views of Aboriginal people as a whole – all 3% of them
  • Greg Pattison
    commented 2023-05-17 07:21:38 +1000
    Hi, regarding a youtube video a few weeks on TODAY with the reference to “King Of Australia”. An FOI from Rod Culleton (Great Australia Party) who served as a federal senator and a strong advocate for the restoration of the CC 1901 proved unequivocally that the term used “king Of Australia is a legal fiction and has no basis in our Commonwealth law meaning fraudulent. Secondly, the country is already running as a republic again if you know of the Australian Act 1986 was passed unlawfully as there are now the Hansard papers from 1985 (Rod Culleton has in his possession) proving that in 1985 Bob Hawke (Republican) went to the Uk parliament house of lords and wanted to sever from the U.K with his Australia Act he lied that day on the floor stating that we had a referendum in AUS to sever and we certainly did not have one equals fraud! ..Yet the Australia Act is still In force today which sets up the judiciary executive and the system of government. So the country is running as a republic unlawfully im afraid. I suggest contacting Rod Culleton as he is traveling all around Australia to educate the people. with another former federal senator Glen Harris on how they are functioning as a republic without our consent. ”" rel="nofollow">
  • john woods
    commented 2023-04-19 20:16:03 +1000
    Today is the 19/4/23 and only a couple of weeks to the King’s coronation. Yet the Government has made no comment on a holiday for the event. With over half of Australians for a Monarchy why does the Government treat us with disrespect and dishonor our Head of State. Just because the Prime Minister wants a Republic he has a duty and responsibility to be courteous. I have phoned my local State Member of Parliament, The Governor in Qld., Deputy Prime Ministers Office, and 2 Senators, and all know nothing ? All very pathetic and shoddy responses.
  • Brigitte Graefin von Bulow
    commented 2023-04-09 11:09:23 +1000
    My husband is American, we lived in the USA for many years. The instability in that country is overwhelming with every 4 years another Government and no genuine constant head to turn too. I therefore vote NO REPUBLIC. I love King Charles and Queen Camilla and shall support them for always. Keep Australia in balanced waters and our Monarchy alive and secure.
  • Wendy Beatrice Smith
    followed this page 2023-03-27 18:14:37 +1100
  • Bill Humble
    commented 2023-03-25 22:46:57 +1100
    Please vote NO to a republic.
  • Robert Warn
    commented 2023-03-25 15:14:33 +1100
    PM Albanese is the most divisive and deceitful PM in Australian history. He seeks to change Australia in the most radical manner. His dangerous and monumental ‘voice’ referendum is sold as ‘modest’. He stated before the election ‘no republic’ then immediately appointed a minister for the republic. His planned ‘educational’ programs on each smack of Russian and Chinese ‘re-education’ (brain washing) camps. Hopefully the Australian public will wake up to his deception.
  • Marion Bennett
    commented 2023-03-25 13:38:53 +1100
    No republic ever, keep the country how it is, it’s worked for centuries
  • Paul Allies
    followed this page 2023-03-22 13:01:05 +1100
  • James Alsford
    commented 2023-03-20 12:55:06 +1100
    This Albanese Government is the worst ever. They are spending many millions of dollars on Referendums for a republic and an Indigenous Voice to Parliament which are totally unnecessary. This country has too much debt already. The trouble with Labor is that they always want to destroy our long held traditions that have made Australia the great country it has been. Another thing is that we should not keep showing three flags. Are we not all Australians? We should only fly our National flag and be proud of it. The USA and Canada had more indigenous people that Australia but they only fly their National flag and are very proud to do so.
  • Bob Etherington
    commented 2023-03-20 08:28:37 +1100
    Never a republic nor a socialist government
  • Bob Etherington
    followed this page 2023-03-20 08:25:25 +1100
  • Andrea Cashion
    commented 2023-02-03 15:38:26 +1100
    I Shall Not Be Voting For A Republic, Long May King Charles 3rd Reign.Am Looking Forward to His Coronation,
  • Tony campbell
    commented 2023-01-27 14:36:35 +1100
    No Republic
  • Marie Slyth
    commented 2023-01-27 00:42:44 +1100
    Am not in a position to donate at the present time, but I was invited and attended the Youth Monarchist League function today in Kings Park. Although only a small group was present they represented a larger 40 size group and it was recommended that all small size groups liaise with each other and so form a strong power base to stave off this frightening Republican threat.
  • Marie Slyth
    commented 2022-12-16 22:00:47 +1100
    We must keep our freedom and the way to do that is to not have a Republic but to wisely retain our Australian constitution and save the Commonwealth from destruction. Right now we face the greatest threat ever to our happiness.
  • Teresa Nesbitt-Foster
    commented 2022-12-16 13:11:16 +1100
    I am not always in a position to donate but would like to vote. Does this exclude me from voting?
  • Julienne Chong
    commented 2022-12-16 12:36:11 +1100
    Our constitutional monarchy is the most precious asset Australia has. We live freely because of it. Migrants and refugees for generations have found peace and prosperity away from the tyranny and persecution in their places of origin.
    Our way of life is the envy of the world. We must work hard to protect and retain it together as the Republican push gains momentum.
  • Annette Green
    commented 2022-12-10 13:00:34 +1100
    No Republic……..nothing is wrong with what we have.
  • Terrie Mildren
    commented 2022-12-10 08:08:11 +1100
    Keep your grubby hands off our Constitution. The Monarchy costs us nothing and does not interfere in our politics.
  • Terrie Mildren
    commented 2022-12-10 08:08:11 +1100
    Keep your grubby hands off our Constitution. The Monarchy costs us nothing and does not interfere in our politics.
  • Terrie Mildren
    commented 2022-12-10 08:08:09 +1100
    Keep your grubby hands off our Constitution. The Monarchy costs us nothing and does not interfere in our politics.
  • Stephen Monteath
    commented 2022-11-25 12:54:28 +1100
    Never, NEVER will I bend to this call by the ALP. This is Australia, ONE flag, ONE people, ONE Parliamentary government & NO republic.
  • Trevor Shelley LM
    commented 2022-11-21 05:56:08 +1100
    Why change something that is working well. The cost alone will be huge.
  • Marilyn Quirk
    commented 2022-11-20 17:26:17 +1100
    Keep me posted! I willpass on when I can. It is great to have started so early!
  • Marilyn Quirk
    followed this page 2022-11-20 17:25:00 +1100
  • Daphne Dack
    commented 2022-11-20 12:50:49 +1100
    No to Republic
  • Penelope McLeod
    commented 2022-10-17 20:25:31 +1100
    No to becoming a REPUBLIC stay with the MONARCHY
  • Maureen Johnson
    followed this page 2022-10-03 15:31:10 +1100
  • Kristina Trafford-Jones
    commented 2022-10-03 12:18:49 +1100