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    Appalled by Dangerfield advertising campaign for a sale promotion. Will be boycotting the business. Hope everyone does the same.
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    Glad Dangerfield is being deluged with complaints re their despicable advertising which disparages our King.

    Will still boycott the business.

    Contact Us

    Mailing Address

    The Australian Monarchist League
    PO Box A1213
    Sydney South NSW 1235


    [email protected]

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    Q: If you have professional fundraising experience, would you like to join this group?
    A: No

    AML Online Groups

    As we enter 2023, we are restructuring and expanding the Australian Monarchist League to enable us to better face the government’s campaign to remove the Crown from the Australian Constitution.

    To assist us in this regard we are forming a few online groups and invite monarchists to join any eligible group if they wish.

    These initial groups are:

    Women’s AML Group
    This will be a group for ladies to meet online and discuss monarchy matters relevant to them.

    Veterans Group
    This is a group for the many veterans we have amongst our database may wish to join together to support the Crown that all have made allegiance to uphold.

    Over 65s Group
    Any monarchist over 65 is invited to join this group.

    Fundraising Group
    This is a group to bring together persons with professional fundraising expertise.

    Online Format
    The format for meeting online will be decided by each group

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    Our constitutional monarchy is the most precious asset Australia has. We live freely because of it. Migrants and refugees for generations have found peace and prosperity away from the tyranny and persecution in their places of origin.
    Our way of life is the envy of the world. We must work hard to protect and retain it together as the Republican push gains momentum.
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    Be informed on matters surrounding our current system of government, our way of life, and Australia's independence. 

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