James Alsford

  • commented on Regarding the Departure of Stan Grant 2023-05-22 11:35:21 +1000
    Firstly, I’m very pleased that we have Eric Abetz speaking on behalf of the Australian Monarchist League.
    Secondly, I am disgusted with the extreme left-wing coverage that the ABC gives to everything these days. They are funded by Australian tax-payers and should not be left-wing or right-wing. They should be unbiased in their opinions.
    I am fortunate to remember many years ago when the ABC had high standards but in more recent times they have been high-jacked by the far left and therefore no longer worth watching. The ABC needs a clear out of their management and staff and to start again under sensible management. BUT, that won’t happen with Labor governments.
  • Albanese is the most divisive Prime Minister I have known. Trying to make this country a republic by stealth without a vote from the people is a disgrace.
  • commented on AML Submission to the Parliament 2023-04-26 10:39:00 +1000
    If Jacinta Nampijinpa Price and Warren Mundine are against the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament that’s good enough for me. I will vote NO.
  • commented on Vote No Republic 2023-03-20 12:55:06 +1100
    This Albanese Government is the worst ever. They are spending many millions of dollars on Referendums for a republic and an Indigenous Voice to Parliament which are totally unnecessary. This country has too much debt already. The trouble with Labor is that they always want to destroy our long held traditions that have made Australia the great country it has been. Another thing is that we should not keep showing three flags. Are we not all Australians? We should only fly our National flag and be proud of it. The USA and Canada had more indigenous people that Australia but they only fly their National flag and are very proud to do so.
  • Petition to Protect Our Australian Way of Life

    Australians get to enjoy an amazing quality of life with family and friends.

    Our unique and long established Westminster system of government provides us with peace and prosperity, allowing us to enjoy time with family, privately help the less fortunate in the community, and invest for future generations.

    Australian Monarchist League is calling for a show of support from the Australian community to petition so we keep the current Australian Westminster system of government

    What makes Australia the best country on earth?

    People, families, and communities thrive in Australia. Where else in the world can citizens receive:

    Job and business opportunities
    Top level healthcare
    World class education
    Beautiful and diverse environment
    Security and regulation
    Affordable utilities
    Reliable infrastructure

    The Australian government provides us with all these things, it shows how efficient and effective our system of government is. 

    Why is the Australian government so successful while other countries struggle?

    The key difference is, Australia has its own unique Westminster system of government which contains a:

    Lower House
    (i.e. House of Representatives)
    Publicly elected
    Proposes policies and changes.


    Upper House
    (i.e. Senate)
    Publicly elected
    Reviews, approves and amends proposed policies and changes.


    (i.e. Crown's Representative)
    Takes control in exceptional circumstances.
    Prime Minister can petition the Crown to dismiss the Governor-General.


    The Lower House proposes policies, and the Upper House reviews, approves and can amend the proposed policies.

    This two-step process distributes the power amongst the politicians and allows for constructive debate and solutions that satisfy the wider community.

    The Governor-General’s role is to ensure this political process is working.

    How is Australia now under threat?

    The republican lobby groups are pushing to replace the Governor-General with an elected or appointed head of state that will likely belong to one of the two major Australian political parties.

    If one political party held a majority in the lower house and upper house, and also held the head of state, that political party could exploit their position to remain in power uncontested.

    It would be the beginning of political corruption and the end of Australia as we know it. 

    Sign the petition to show your support in keeping the current Australian Westminster system of government.

  • The Honourable Matt Thistlewaite, really? Nothing seems honourable about this man. He is typical of Labor and the Greens. They are not patriots, they are subversives! This is the best country in the world because of the system we’ve had in place all these years. It’s always the lefties that want to change everything. If we become a republic it will cost many millions of dollars to make the change for a system not true, tried and tested. Australia cannot afford to spend millions at this time when the coronavirus has damaged our economy. Oh, and one last thing, a republic would mean a change to our beautiful national flag but Matt Thistlewaite and his mates will never mention that.

    Petition Calling on Republic MP to Retract Slur on Queen

    The Honourable Matt Thistlethwaite MP, Shadow Assistant Minister for Financial Services and Shadow Assistant Minister for the Republic, posted on Tuesday 14 July 2020 on his Facebook “Today’s release in full of the Palace Letters confirm that Australia needs to begin another serious discussion about an Australian as our head of state – an Australian who acts is the interests of our nation and its people, not beholden to the advice, influence and interests of a foreign power.” [meaning that the Queen acts in the interests of a ‘foreign power ‘ with the inference that she is, herself, a 'foreign power']. Mr Thistlethwaite has also publicly repeated his claims on television and elsewhere.

    Please sign this petition calling on Mr Thistlethwaite to retract his unfounded and quite blatantly wrong remarks relating to the Queen of Australia as being a foreign power. The Queen and her successors will always, without question or doubt, act in the interests of Australia.



  • answered 2020-05-02 13:13:10 +1000
    Q: Victoria's deputy Chief Health Officer, Dr. Annaliese van Diemen has likened the arrival of Lieutenant James Cook with the contagion of COVID-19. The Australian Monarchist League has called on her to apologise. The reason for this survey is to ask whether you, our members and supporters, agree or not?
    A: Yes

    Attack on Capt Cook

    One of Victoria's most senior health advisers had compared Captain Cook’s arrival in Australia with the deadly coronavirus pandemic.



  • signed Funding for the ABC 2020-04-09 16:34:32 +1000
    The ABC are always biased towards the left of politics. No wonder the Labor party support them.

    Congratulating the Prime Minister

    Labor leader, Anthony Albanese has called on the prime minister to provide more funding to the ABC. The prime minister has rejected the call and should be congratulated.

    To the Prime Minister, the Hon. Scott Morrison MP
    Parliament House

    I applaud your decision in dismissing the call from Labor leader, Anthony Albanese, to reverse the government’s funding freeze on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

  • signed ABC Refuses to Broadcast Queen's Message 2020-04-05 15:50:52 +1000
    James Alsford

    ABC Refuses to Broadcast Queen's Message

    There is therefore no need to sign the petition, although, if you are new to the Australian Monarchist League, please consider signing up to receive our updates.

    The Queen's Message can be viewed here.


    Other than at Christmas, the Queen has made few televised addresses but she is to make an address to the Commonwealth tomorrow, Sunday 5 April 2020.

    However,our understanding is that the ABC is purposefully not broadcasting the message. We call on all monarchists to sign this online petition calling on the public broadcaster to air the message from the Queen of Australia to her people.

    I call on the Australian Broadcasting Authority to broadcast the message from the Queen which is to be released on Sunday 5 April, 2020.

James Alsford