The League holds various functions and activities around the country. Many people find that getting involved, even if by just attending a lunch or dinner or drinks can be very rewarding. They meet interesting people of like mind and often form lasting friendships.

Some of our branches are more active than others, often because our office bearers, all being volunteers, run out of time due to their work commitments. Therefore, if you think that your State should be doing more, then why not volunteer to assist in organising activities?

On this page we post information on upcoming functions and activities as information becomes available. If there is something that interests you, please don’t hesitate to book in, preferably sooner rather than later.


A dinner in Sydney in 2019

  • Join Australia's 28th Prime Minister for an exclusive experience.

    In the words of The Honourable Tony Abbott AC, 'The fact that we have the Crown means there is some part of our public life that is divorced from party politics. By becoming a republic, there will inevitably be more politics, not less, and I think we have quite enough politics already.'

    You'll hear from Tony as he opens up about his time in office – a staunch monarchist surrounded by republicans – and dives deep into the decisions he took to best protect the Crown and Constitution against those seeking ultimate power for themselves. Tony also weighs in on the ambitions of today's prime minister to implement sweeping constitutional reform, be that a republic or the Voice to Parliament. You'll have an opportunity to ask related questions and tackle some of the country's greatest questions with a political and intellectual mind like no other. 

    Situated in the heart of Brisbane in an historic precinct opposite Parliament House and the City Botanic Gardens, the Queensland Club is one of Australia's most iconic and prestigious venues, known especially for its beautiful furnishings, delicious menu and first-class wine list.

    Tony Abbott in Brisbane
    Two courses, bottomless drinks

    Lounge suit

    Date in April to be confirmed ASAP. Weekday likely. Please RSVP for updates.
  • Long live the king!

    The Coronation of Charles III is set to be one of the twenty-first century's defining moments. You'll dine and dance in style at one of Brisbane's most luxurious hotels, joined by Queensland's most distinguished political, judicial, consular and community leaders. Enjoy a formidable four-course feast, live music, and bottomless drinks to carry you forth into this new Carolean era.

    Not yet five years old, the five-star Emporium Hotel is a pillar of pioneering vision, elevating amenities into art forms and transforming places into unforgettable memories. For those travelling to Brisbane, you'll receive a 15 per cent discount on all Emporium accommodation.

    With tickets to similar black tie balls in the current market valued at over $285.00 per guest, this night of ritz and royalty is not one to pass up. If you're chasing the romance of a once-in-a-lifetime evening, patriotic revelry, or simply a networking opportunity to end all others, the Coronation Ball is for you.

    The Coronation Ball
    Four courses, bottomless drinks, live music
    15 per cent discount on all Emporium accommodation book here (with discount applied)

    Black tie

    Must book by 11:59pm 3 May 2023

  • Australians must know the truth: our great Constitution is in perilous danger. 

    The first-ever Philip Benwell State of the Constitution is a definitive, Oxford-Union-meets-Press-Club-style lecture on the present and future health of Australia's supreme legal document. Hear from Philip like never before as he navigates the complexities of the Constitution and its history, as well as gets to the bottom of just what the Federal Government is really up to with its crusade for a Voice and a republic. Following his address, Philip is joined by Dr Neville Rochow KC for the kind of erudite, raw conversation our country needs to have, but doesn't.

    Whether you're a law student or an incumbent politician, you need to hear this timely analysis of our Constitution – and its enemies. For those travelling to Brisbane, you'll receive a 15 per cent discount on all Emporium accommodation.

    Philip Benwell MBE has served as National Chairman of the Australian Monarchist League since 1993. He is "renowned not only in Australia but throughout the Commonwealth" (Lord Molyneaux) as an expert on constitutional affairs, and as "one of the staunchest defenders" (Tony Abbott) of constitutional monarchy. He is the author of In Defence of Australia's Constitutional Monarchy (2003), A Very Public Affair: The Australian Constitution and Crown (2013) and Australia: Our Country, Our Constitution, Our Governance (2016). Prior to the pandemic, he regularly travelled to London to advise the House of Lords. In the early 1990s, he coordinated the Queen Elizabeth Gate Appeal in Australia, established by His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent to fund the construction of the Queen Elizabeth Gates in Hyde Park. Under Benwell, Australia raised more capital than any other nation other than the United Kingdom. Benwell was appointed a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in 1976 for his services to the community, and is a Knight Commander of the Imperial Order of Saint Anna, an honour he personally received from Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, Head of the House of Romanov, in 2007.

    Dr Neville Rochow KC is a King's Counsel whose barrister’s practice included competition law and corporate and commercial disputes in most Australian jurisdictions. He has lectured and written on a wide range of professional, constitutional, and human rights subjects. Currently, he holds honorary professorships at the University of Adelaide Law School and the Notre Dame Australia (Sydney) Law School. He is also a Senior Fellow at the International Center for Law and Religion Studies.

    1st Philip Benwell State of the Constitution
    Two courses, bottomless drinks
    15 per cent discount on all Emporium accommodation  book here (with discount applied)

    Lounge suit

    Must book by 11:59pm 14 June 2023