Media Releases

  • Turnbull Proposes Postal Survey to Reignite Republic

    01 January 2018

    Malcolm Turnbull today forecast holding a postal survey on a republic to ‘reignite the debate’ ( 1.1.18).

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  • Indoctrination in Schools Is Rife

    27 December 2017

    The incident of the Brisbane high school accused of indoctrinating its students with politically biased assignments is not, we fear, unusual.
    For many years the teaching and the marking of students right up and through university level has been based on the bias of the teacher or the lecturer rather than on the student’s knowledge of English and grammar and ability to reason.

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    17 December 2017

    News (The Australian 15-12-17) that the Australian Republic Movement is to announce the establishment of a high-level advisory panel including a number of politicians and big-businessmen comes as no surprise because the campaign for ‘an Australian head of state’ has always been all about politicians and big business controlling the top job.

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    13 December 2017

    Politicians Should Put National Interest Before Party

    The pre-resignation comments of Senator Sam Dastyari indicate what is wrong with the Parliament and indeed politics in general today.

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