Keating Is Wrong

Keating Is Wrong

Letter to the Editor

The Australian

Paul Keating is wrong. He is wrong when he says that Prince Charles wants Australia to become a republic. He is wrong when he says Australia cannot be great when it “borrows the monarch of Great Britain.” (The Australian April 2, 2018)

Australia is already a ‘great’ nation, one to which people from throughout the world have lined up to become a part of, because of our Constitution under the Crown which has ensured that this country has had an unparalleled stability and security and thereby economic prosperity for well over a hundred years.

Let me give your readers a categorical assurance that the Prince of Wales is not pushing for a republic and never has. He, like the Queen, will always accept and support whatever the people may decide.

Keating is renowned for making outrageous statements like this.

Statements which he never backs up with fact.



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