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  • Monarchists Stand Up Against Removal of Statues

    07 July 2020 · 7 reactions

    [Reference ABC News: Should statues which 'don't respect traditional custodians' be removed from around Canberra? (6/7/20)]

    The Australian Monarchist League has members with many varying political opinions, but most members agree that reconciliation and advancement of social issues in Australia will have the greatest chance of success under an Australian Monarchy and the current Australian Westminster system. Statues of our past and current Monarchs, prime ministers and others are symbols of this and must be preserved.

    Accordingly, the Australian Monarchist League is vehemently opposed to the removal of any statue of King George V or of Sir Edmund Barton or indeed of any of Australia’s great leaders of the past.

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  • Anti-Queen Agenda of SA MP

    02 July 2020

    The Anti-Queen Agenda of Mark Parnell MP

    South Australian Greens MP, Mark Parnell, is concentrating, not on helping struggling families and businesses to survive through the current tough economic times in the State he is supposed to care for but has declared his priority to be an anti-Queen agenda.

    Mr Parnell plans to retire from the South Australian parliament, but before he goes, proposes to table a motion to abolish the Oath of Allegiance to the Queen for members of the parliament, judges, police and other officers of the Crown (InDaily 1/7/20).

    In a similar manner to the cultural Marxist mob wanting to tear down statues representing Australia’s historical past, this MP seems intent on tearing down Australia’s system of constitutional monarchy by eroding our national symbols and promoting republicanism by stealth, even though the last time the people voted on constitutional change, they vehemently rejected a republic. What next does he and his cohorts have within their sights - the Australian flag?

    Australia’s constitutional monarchy has, for over a hundred years, protected our democracy and, in so doing, has provided a way of life with continuity, safety, economic opportunity and family values. All this will be put into danger if Australia becomes a politicians’ republic

    We are sure that the South Australian parliament has much better ways in which to spend their valuable time than pandering to constitutional vandalism.


  • Republicans Fail to Understand Australia’s Constitutional System.

    06 June 2020

    Republicans Fail to Understand Australia’s Constitutional System.

    It really is amazing how, after 30 years of constitutional debate, republicans still do not understand the Australian system of governance with the monarch as sovereign head of state and the Prime Minister as head of government. They continue to view us as some relic of colonial days whereas we are long past British domination and are, today, a modern free and independent nation which chooses to be a constitutional monarchy under the (Australian) Crown.

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  • The Queen's VE Day Message

    07 May 2020

    The Queen’s VE Day Message

    The Queen will be broadcasting a rare message to commemorate VE Day on Friday evening at 9 PM, London time.

    Whilst VE Day relates to ‘victory in Europe’ day, it is very relevant to potentially millions of Australians whose parents, grandparents and other relatives fought in Europe and the Middle East against Nazi Germany and its allies.

    We therefore call upon all Australian television channels to broadcast the message in full both at the time of broadcast and prior to the Saturday evening news.

    We have just launched a petition which has already received over 250 signatures and is fast gaining in popularity.

    Philip Benwell
    National Chair
    Australian Monarchist League


  • Disgraceful Attempt to Blacken the name of Captain James Cook

    30 April 2020 · 1 reaction


    Disgraceful Attempt to Link Captain James Cook to COVID-19

    The Australian Monarchist League calls on the Deputy Chief Health Officer of Victoria, to formally apologise for comments likening the arrival of the Endeavour to COVID-19.

    Ms Annaliese van Diemen, as DCHO, is the signatory of Victoria’s lockdown laws which are considered to be the strictest of all the Australian States.

    AML National chairman, Philip Benwell, said that the comments were “a disgraceful attempt to blacken the name of Captain James Cook, one of the world's greatest 18th-century explorers.”

    Mr Benwell went on to say that it was strange that, MS van Diemen made no reference to, nor took any responsibility for, her namesake, Anthony van Diemen, who was responsible for sending Abel Tasman on his 1642 voyage which landed on the West Coast of Tasmania over a century before that of Captain Cook.

    Ms Annaliese van Diemen should make an immediate public apology to the people of Australia for her attempt to attack the reputation of Captain James Cook.

    Philip Benwell
    National Chair


  • Republicans Attack Queen for Being Protestant

    21 April 2020

    Republicans Now Attacking the Queen for Being a Protestant

    Whilst the Australian Monarchist League has been active in promoting The Queen’s Covid and Easter messages, and also our online celebration for Her Majesty’s 94th birthday tomorrow, Tuesday 21 April, the Republican Movement have also been busy, mainly criticising the Queen, the monarchy and the constitution but without ever telling us how the republic they propose will better the system of governance we currently enjoy. We shouldn’t forget that politicians will come and go, recently more frequently than before, but the Crown remains as a permanent protector of our Constitution and democracy.

    One such example is their new advertisement (pictured alongside) which, like most republican promotions, is both inflammatory and fundamentally wrong. It states “Are you: Catholic?, Muslim?, Jewish?, Buddhist?, Atheist? Your banned from being Australia’s head of state (it’s only for those of the Church of England) why are you putting up with discrimination?”

    The fact is that, upon appointment, the Governor-General becomes executive head of state and any Australian can aspire to that role whatever their race or religion. We have had so far, Jewish, Catholic and atheist Governors-General/heads of state and the likelihood is that we will have persons of other faiths in that office in the future.

    Whilst it is true that the monarch must be of the Church of England, because that is the state religion of England; in Australia, we have freedom of religion which is guaranteed by the constitution and by the Queen. Many Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Atheists and others value the freedom of worship they enjoy under the Crown, whether in the United Kingdom or in Australia or in other realms.

    Philip Benwell
    National Chair
    Australian Monarchist League

  • Republicans Now Seek to Bypass People’s Voice

    15 March 2020

    12 December, 2019

    The new proposal by republicans to void the referendum process and have the state and federal parliaments vote on the succession when the Queen passes (Annika Smedhurst Telegraph 8/12/19) is fraught with legal complexities and will not work.

    The proposal, promoted by Labor MP Julian Hill, is typical of the sort of system that will exist under a republic where the voice of the people will be muted with politicians reigning supreme.



  • Monarchists welcome proposed visit of the Duke of Cambridge

    14 February 2020

    14 February, 2020

    The Australian Monarchist League welcomes the proposed visit by the Duke of Cambridge to Australia. His Royal Highness, representing the Queen, will visit areas ravaged by bushfires and meet with firefighters and also those who have lost their homes.

    Hopefully, this visit will also lead to a formal recognition of the heroic involvement of all those involved in fighting the devasting fires of this past month whether they be volunteers or otherwise.


  • “We intend to step back as ‘senior’ members of the Royal Family.”

    09 January 2020

    9 January, 2020

    The decision by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to seek a measure of privacy in their lives and that of their son, Archie, has come as no real surprise as this is something that has been in the air for some time. The intense media intrusion into the Duchess’s family and unexpected criticism of the Duke over jet travel whilst promoting environmental policies would have undoubtedly have firmed their decision.

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  • New Farcical Republican Claims

    29 December 2019

    29 December, 2019

    The article today in the Courier Mail headed ‘Brexit likely to revive republican movement’ could itself well be one of the laughable but fictitious episodes of ‘Yes Minister’ which it highlights.

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