Walk of the Privileged

Walk of the Privileged

Government House staff asked to do the ‘Walk of the Privileged ‘.

It has come to our attention that staff in government departments and also in the office of the Governor-General in Canberra have been asked to undertake what is called a 'privilege walk' supposedly “in a bid to learn about their ‘privilege’ power and stamp out unconscious bias.” During this walk it appears that staff participating will be asked to take a step forward if they speak English as a first language, if they are right-handed or if they can get band-aids for their skin tone - meaning "are they white?””


What some politicians have termed the 'Walk of Shame is being conducted by Charles Sturt University which is ranked 27th within Australia and 774th in the world according to EduRank
We understand that, so far, around 50 members of external organisations have completed the 'training', including NSW Health staff.

The Australian Monarchist League is opposed to any sort of scheme devised to demean what sort of background a person comes from and whether they are white or of colour. No one should be discriminated against because of their race, religion or background. Australia is a constitutional monarchy and all are equal under the Crown and Australian governments and the Australian Governor-General and governors should be aware of this and should never attempt to embarrass individuals on the basis of who or what they are or whether their intentions are well-meaning or not.



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