Media Releases

  • Assistant Ministry for the Republic Should Be Abolished

    25 July 2022 · 1 reaction

    Monarchists Call for the Assistant Ministry for the Republic to Be Abolished.

    The Australian Monarchist League is calling on the Prime Minister to either abolish the Assistant Ministry for the Republic or, should he decline to do so, to either remove the Republic ministry or that of Defence and Veterans’ Affairs from the Assistant Minister as Defence and Veterans’ Affairs have nothing whatsoever to do with the government’s plans for a republic.

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  • Monarchist Petition Dutton to Level the Playing Field

    15 June 2022 · 1 reaction

    Monarchist Petition Dutton to Level the Playing Field

    The Australian Monarchist League, Australia’s major organisation in opposing the government’s plans for a republic, is so concerned about the unfair advantage the Labor government has provided to republicans by gifting them a government minister that it has raised a petition with over 1000 signatories calling on the Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Peter Dutton MP, to create a Shadow Assistant Minister for the Constitution.

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  • Public Banned from Jubilee Events

    01 June 2022 · 5 reactions

    The disgraceful act of a new government
    The People Banned from Official Platinum Jubilee Events

    Just days after taking the reins of power, the new Federal Government (through the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet) have prevented everyday Australians from attending the two main national celebrations of the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in Canberra.

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  • Matters of State

    15 May 2022 · 1 reaction

    Matters of State

    Articles now appearing in the media calling for the Queen to abdicate due to her mobility problems completely fail to understand both Her Majesty herself and the meaning of the Coronation Oath she took 69 years ago.

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  • Sandilands is Wrong

    15 February 2022 · 1 reaction

    Reference the heading in the Daily Mail Australia “Major win for the Australian Republic Movement as high-profile monarchist Kyle Sandilands denounces the royal family and says he will no longer support them after the Queen dies.” It should be made clear that the Australian Monarchist League, which is the largest and most active member-based monarchist organisation in Australia, has never, at any time, received any offer of support from Mr Sandilands and he does not appear anywhere on our 50,000 plus proven database of supporters, many of whom are under the age of 40.


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  • FitzSimons Proposes New Flag

    27 January 2022 · 1 reaction

    “Peter FitzSimons has floated a new proposal for the Australian flag which would see the Union Jack replaced with the Aboriginal flag.” … “The move to ditch the Royal family would open up the opportunity for the country to decide on a new flag, over 120 years after Federation.” ( 27/1/22)

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  • "Don't mention the P-word"

    12 January 2022 · 1 reaction

    If the model released today by the Australian Republic Movement is the model to be voted on, were a referendum to be called, then monarchists will be able to sit back and watch republicans and politicians who want the parliament to appoint a president, battle with the ARM.

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  • PM Announces Platinum Jubilee

    01 January 2022 · 3 reactions


    In my email of the 22nd of December 2021, I mentioned that the Special Minister of State confirmed to me that the government will be celebrating the Platinum Jubilee in a manner that he is sure we will all agree with and that it will be a worthy tribute to the Queen.May I take this opportunity to wish you a very happy New Year. Let us all hope that we will see the end of the pandemic during this year and furthermore, that this New Year will bring many blessings to you and your family.

    It is now my pleasure to bring to you a formal announcement made by the Prime Minister and released a few minutes ago outlining just a few of the plans to be held by the government to honour the Queen in this, the year in which she will, in a few weeks’ time, reach 70 years as our sovereign.

    Her Majesty is already the longest reigning Queen and the fourth longest reigning monarch in known world history and in a few years’ time she will surpass Louis XIV who reigned for 72 years, 110 days from 1643 to 1715.

    We wish our very best to Her Majesty and I will shortly be in touch offering an opportunity for our members to send their greetings to this gracious lady who has been a part of our lives for so long.

    Yours sincerely

    Philip Benwell
    National Chair

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  • Federation Day - January 1st

    01 January 2022 · 1 reaction

    The Australian Monarchist League reminds all Australians that January the 1st marks the 121st anniversary of Australia’s end as six colonies of the United Kingdom and their joint establishment as a sovereign and independent nation. On that day the colonies, which became our six states, federated into one indissoluble union under the Crown and under a new constitution.

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  • Vale Prince Philip

    12 April 2021 · 1 reaction

    Vale Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

    When, in 2015, the then Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, nominated Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, for an Australian knighthood it created outrage mainly amongst the media and politicians which the people generally joined in. You see, most people at the time knew little about the enormous work that Prince Philip had achieved in Australia nor did they know of his love for this country which he had first visited in 1940 as a midshipman on the battleship Ramilles. He took up his shore leave and went into the bush and worked as a jackaroo so he could learn about the essence of the country. He was back in 1945 and I can recall older members talking about bumping into him in Sydney, just walking along George Street and elsewhere.


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