FitzSimons Proposes New Flag

FitzSimons Proposes New Flag

“Peter FitzSimons has floated a new proposal for the Australian flag which would see the Union Jack replaced with the Aboriginal flag.” … “The move to ditch the Royal family would open up the opportunity for the country to decide on a new flag, over 120 years after Federation.” ( 27/1/22)

The Australian Monarchist League never believed republicans when they said that the Australian flag would remain unchanged probably saying this so as not to upset the vast majority of Australians who value the existing flag.

Now we have the truth, Peter FitzSimons "wants to rip the Union Jack from the Australian flag if Australia becomes a republic. (Daily Mail Australia 19/1/22)
Furthermore, if there is to be a referendum on a republic, it would not be in any way to ‘ditch the Royal family’ but instead would be to remove the Australian Crown from the Australian Constitution with the result of leaving it rudderless. A new republic constitution should be written from scratch instead of adding bits and pieces here and there to the existing constitution which is totally and absolutely incompatible with a republic. The two are different systems and republicans should not influence the people to think otherwise.


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