Sandilands is Wrong

Sandilands is Wrong

Reference the heading in the Daily Mail Australia “Major win for the Australian Republic Movement as high-profile monarchist Kyle Sandilands denounces the royal family and says he will no longer support them after the Queen dies.” It should be made clear that the Australian Monarchist League, which is the largest and most active member-based monarchist organisation in Australia, has never, at any time, received any offer of support from Mr Sandilands and he does not appear anywhere on our 50,000 plus proven database of supporters, many of whom are under the age of 40.


Mr Sandilands forgets that it is not about the individual who is monarch, but more about Australia’s constitutional system which protects our democracy and has done so for over a century. It has made Australia, one of the youngest nations, into one of the world’s oldest democracies.

It is absurd that, just because someone may disagree with something the Prince of Wales may say, they will want to destroy a system that works and replace it with an unproven system that, from the models presented by the ARM, will most definitely not work.


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