Albanese Pushes Neo-Communist Credentials

Albanese Pushes Neo-Communist Credentials

The decision by the Albanese government to remove the sovereign of Australia’s facsimile from Australia’s $5 note is typical of the way in which this government is trouncing Australian democracy.

We saw this with the government’s proposed amendments to the Referendum Act whereby the government is using its numbers to put down any opposition. We see this with the government not providing any detail of proposed changes to the Constitution in regard to the Voice referendum, instead telling the people to leave it to the government.

Prior to the election last year Anthony Albanese took a republic off Labor’s platform but immediately following his election, unprecedentedly appointed an Assistant Minister for the Republic and this year will be spending potentially millions of taxpayer dollars to send that Minister around the country to promote a republic.

Now, before a referendum is held on whether the people want to retain the King as sovereign or opt for a President, this government has arbitrarily moved to discard the King’s head from Australia’s five dollar note.

It is virtually neo-communism in action. President Xi could possibly learn a few tricks from our prime minister. It is certainly not Australian democracy and it is certainly not what the people voted for in May 2022.

In a few months Mr Albanese will be flying to London to attend the King’s Coronation. Yes, the very King he is working assiduously to topple.


The Australian Monarchist League has presented a petition to the Parliament comprising over 3000 signatures calling for the government to retain the King’s image on the $5 note.

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