Australian Monarchists Launch Campaign against the Albanese Republic

Australian Monarchists Launch Campaign against the Albanese Republic

The Australian Monarchist League does not generally get involved in party-politics but with the Albanese government intent on doing everything it can to bring down Australia’s constitutional system, we feel that we must now mobilise monarchists throughout the country to protest against the insults that are occurring both to the King and to his people.

In May 2022 we saw the appointment of an Assistant Minister for the Republic. A totally unnecessary act if the prime minister's comment that the issue of a republic was off the table until his next term of government was factual.

Then there is the government’s decision, and not that of the Reserve Bank as was implied, not to put the new King’s image on the $5 note.  The first time the monarch’s image has not appeared on Australia’s paper currency since 1923!  A century of tradition obliterated by this government.

Now it is clear that the Albanese government has no intention whatsoever of doing anything to honour the King of Australia on the day of his coronation although the prime minister will be attending the actual coronation in London.  He should hang his head in shame as should all Australian governments federal and state.

There has also been total silence on this matter from the Federal opposition.

Politicians should remember that monarchists have a vote and we, unlike politicians, will remember their betrayal of the Constitution, the Crown and the monarchy when called upon to cast their ballot at the time of the next election.


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  • Lynette Jamieson
    commented 2023-04-26 18:29:34 +1000
    WE are an embarrassment to the commonwealth countries..
    We should be celebrationg the coronation as a whole country..
    Albo should NOT attend the formalities nor take his partner at GREAT cost to our COUNTRY..
    Should have sent GG. on our behalf..NOT these two classless wannabes.
  • Ann Blakeway
    commented 2023-04-26 13:20:44 +1000
    Must Australia keep going down the gurgular?😴🥴🙄😪 Come on Australia together, 🇦🇺 and let’s bring this country back onto its true feet and stand strong together 💪 ❤
  • James Alsford
    commented 2023-04-26 10:44:28 +1000
    Albanese is the most divisive Prime Minister I have known. Trying to make this country a republic by stealth without a vote from the people is a disgrace.
  • Philip Benwell
    published this page in Media Releases 2023-04-21 09:08:23 +1000