Monarchists Pursue ABC Through FOI

Monarchists Pursue ABC Through FOI

The Australian Monarchist League has made a formal FOI request under the Commonwealth Freedom of Information Act (1982) (FOI Act) which provides a right to request access to certain documents held by the ABC in regard to its pre-Coronation broadcast. Details of the League’s request are included hereunder.

Former Senator, the Hon. Eric Abetz, now chairman of the AML No Republic campaign, has stated, “The outpouring of public outrage at the hi-jacking of the coronation by the ABC, which was completely out of step with every other broadcaster including the BBC, requires a full disclosure as to how this pitiful turn of events was allowed to eventuate at the taxpayer-funded national broadcaster.

“This freedom of information request will expose the twisted thinking and those responsible for this unprecedented and unprincipled takeover of what should have been a factual commentary on an exceptionally historic occasion. The commandeering of the broadcast into a monologue of everything that might be wrong with our great country and then depositing it all at the feet of our constitutional monarchy was both blatantly absurd and an abuse of the occasion.

“Any delay or obfuscation by the ABC hierarchy relating to this request for transparency will be met with similar public outrage and do even more reputational damage to the taxpayer-funded broadcaster.”



We apply under the relevant Freedom of Information legislation for documentation in regard to the coverage provided by ABC TV on Saturday 6th of May 2023 from 5.00pm to 7.00pm on the occasion of the coronation of the King of Australia, King Charles III.

Specifically, we seek all communications including emails, SMS messages, other electronic records, together with all minutes and papers relating to:

1. The reasoning and decisions to present the Coronation of King Charles III in the manner it was;
2. The reasoning and decisions on the choice of panellists for the occasion;
3. The reasoning and decision not to have an opponent of The Voice on the panel;
4. The reasoning and decision to have only one panellist supporting Australia’s constitutional monarchy; and
5. The name and position of the decision-maker/s in relation to the above matters.
6. The number of complaints received by the ABC about its broadcast on the 6th of May 2023 on the occasion of the Coronation of King Charles III, on-line and by way of telephone calls, letters and all forms of communication received by it at all its various offices around Australia.

































































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