Elizabeth II wearing the Robe of State

This photograph of Elizabeth II shows her wearing the Robe of State as worn at her coronation and the collar of the Order of the Garter the oldest (1348) and most prestigious chivalric order in the Sovereign’s gift. On the table is the Imperial State Crown and the Sword of State symbols of sovereignty. The predominant colours are scarlet and gold - often associated with monarchy. The use of scarlet relates back to Old Testament times where it was renowned for its durability and strength. Gold needs no further explanation.There are 26 Companions of the Order of the Garter, two of whom are the Sovereign herself and her eldest son.

Sovereignty is the supreme and ultimate Authority in society and is held by the monarch, or the Sovereign, on behalf of the people. By declaring an oath of loyalty to the Monarch one declares it through him or her to the people. One cannot reasonably declare an oath to ‘the Australian people’ as the term has no sense. There is no unified ‘Australian people’ it is a mass of disparate individuals but the monarch as Sovereign represents all these different peoples in a secure guardianship and provides the absolute authority needed to ensure the continuity of governance. The Monarch is Sovereign for life, is a-political and ensures continuously that the people have freedom to choose who in effect governs them. All justice is carried out and laws put in place in the name of the monarch. The very existence of a Sovereign who observes and protects from a distance ensures our ultimate freedom to choose who governs us (and who does not), to justice, to law and to rights agreed by parliament. No politician can change this arrangement however much he might wish to.