• Liberty Newsletter April 2020

    02 April 2020 · 2 reactions

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    Letter to Members

    During these troubled times the last thing anyone wants to hear about is the monarchy v republic debate. Keeping safe is uppermost in people’s minds, and so it should be.

    However, we believe it is important to keep in touch with our members to let you all know what is happening monarchy-wise.

    The proposed visit by the Duke of Cambridge to Australia has, of necessity, been postponed. Now is not the time for a royal visit but hopefully this will occur once the emergency has passed.

    The Queen, along with the 98-year-old Duke of Edinburgh remain in isolation at Windsor. The Prince of Wales, who has tested positive to the virus, is at Birkhall with the Duchess of Cornwall on the Balmoral estate.

    This means that the Duke of Cambridge (Prince William) has taken up the slack, although the Queen is still very active in overseeing affairs.

    We send to Her Majesty our every blessing and pray she is kept well and is able to enjoy her 94th birthday which falls on the 21st of April.

    The Queen’s Birthday parade has been cancelled as have all associated events and gatherings both in the UK as well as over here. The British prime minister, Boris Johnston and his Health secretary, Matt Hancock, have both tested positive for the virus.

    I have written to the Palace to point out that whilst there have been some messages from Her Majesty to the British people, such messages should also be directed to those in the Realms if not from the Commonwealth itself. Questions have also been raised on why the Governor-General, David Hurley, appears to be kept in the background. After all, he is the executive head of state and, being above politics, is ideally suited to bring peace and calm to all Australians.

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