Webinar with Sir Julian Brazier

Webinar with Sir Julian Brazier


Our Next Webinar


Our next speaker will be Sir Julian Brazier TD
a former British Member of Parliament
and government minister.  

Thursday 18 June, 2020


7:30 pm AEST






Sir Julian Brazier is a former British Member of Parliament and government minister. He has lived, worked in and visited over 50 countries, including helping organise a conference in Beirut (defying the Syrian-backed puppet government), military and commercial work in the Gulf and parliamentary visits to military operations in Bosnia and Kosovo and Afghanistan.

He was one of just fifteen (out of over a hundred) ministers to campaign for Brexit, against the government line, despite representing one of the few electorates which supported Remain, with the largest concentration of university students in the country. He is an enthusiastic supporter of CANZUK.

In 2010 he was appointed by the Prime Minister to serve on a 3-man commission on the future of Britain’s reserve forces whose recommendations were largely adopted as a blueprint for our future armed forces. The study drew heavily on experience around the English-speaking world. He has visited Australian Army Reserve units from North Queensland to Melbourne. He was appointed Minister for Reserve forces in the ministry of Defence in 2014, serving for two years, until the change of Prime Minister.
Other campaigns in which Julian played a leading role included tackling the pernicious impact of the compensation culture on adventure training and sport in the UK, and pressing for stronger immigration controls. He is a long-term campaigner for the traditional family, reform of the benefits system and promoting the volunteer culture. In making their annual award as ‘Backbencher of the Year’, The Spectator magazine commented:
"When a minister hears that Julian Brazier is taking a close interest in a piece of legislation he sends for the parliamentary draughtsman and pours himself a stiff whisky."

After 30 Years in Parliament, he lost his seat in 2017.

Julian was a scholar in Mathematics and Philosophy at Oxford and, before Parliament, worked in the City of London as an economist and financier and then for a small Swedish international management consulting firm. For 13 years he served as an Army Reserve officer, five of them with the SAS. Today, he chairs a small security company and is a director of a high-tech start up.

Australian institutions he has lectured at include the Australian National University, Australian Land Warfare Centre, La Trobe University, as well as a number of branches of the AML. He has also spoken at many UK institutions and around a dozen American universities and liberal arts Colleges.

He has cousins in Perth and a great uncle of his served in the Australian Light Horse in its desert campaign in the First World War.





June 18, 2020 at 7:30pm - 8:30pm




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  • John Candido
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    I am particularly Interested in what he has to say about ‘CANZUK’ the Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and UK developing trade and security block, in the post-EU era for the UK, and other members of this trading block.
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    Sir Julian Brazier TD is a very impressive fellow and I will look forward to this webinar. Does anyone know what his post nominal ‘TD’ stand for, please?
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