Webinar AML-Who, What & Why

Webinar AML-Who, What & Why


Our Next Webinar

There are thousands of people who support the Australian Monarchist League, but some are not really aware of what we do. Therefore, our next webinar will be:

Presenter – Philip Benwell, National Chair

The programme will also include:

AML – from a youth perspective
Presenters: Jeremy Mann (Victorian Young Monarchist chair)
& Alessandro Rosini (Deputy chair).
7:30 pm AEST on Thursday 4 June, 2020



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June 04, 2020 at 7:30pm - 8:30pm




Peter Moeller Sophie York Anthony Clarke Jp Kcsj Arnis Luks Ramzy Mansour Sean Burke Marilyn Keenan Roger Pike Darilyn Adams Brant Rippon Peter Hammon Laura Smith Anne Smith Tulia Koroi Matthew Sait Caroline Ross-Smith Carmela Langella Eric Abetz Mitch Ramsay-Mader Chris McDermott Eusebeia Sutherland Dr Ian Cameron Aaron McDonnell Pierre-Louis Plumejeau-Wilby Ramsay Nuthall Margaret Gamble Helen Dowell Mithun Nambiar Chris Raisin Louis Cook Blake Leach Will Jefferies Jeremy Mann Tobias Lehmann Peter Reedman Julie Sherlock Nancy Piggott Alec Pokarier Andrew Free Philip Morris Philip Benwell

Will you come?

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