Thistlethwaite Wrong Again

Thistlethwaite Wrong Again

Thistlethwaite gets it all wrong again

Matt Thistlethwaite recently tweeted "“The British PM stopped our head of state attending the COP 27 conference to speak about the importance of stronger action to combat climate change. We need a head of state that represents the aspirations of the Australian people, not the wishes of the British government.”

What he doesn't understand is that, in the UK, the King is the executive head of state but in Australia it is the Governor-General who is the executive head of state.  However, it is not the duty or the purpose of a head of state within the Westminster system to attend conferences.  Neither the King nor the Australian Governor-General have any power to make any decision on behalf of the government. That is why conferences are attended by the head of government, who is the Prime Minister or his or her nominee. 

As Assistant Minister for the Republic, Mr Thistlethwaite should understand how our system of governance works before attacking it.

Perhaps Mr Thistlethwaite should be better named the Assistant Minister of the Clowns!


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