This is Our Monarchy

This is Our Monarchy

Today the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be on Fraser Island. Whilst the Duchess is resting, the Duke will tour several attractions on the Island as well as inspecting the Australian indigenous rainforest which is now a part of ‘The Queens Commonwealth Canopy’.

The Queens Commonwealth Canopy is an undertaking established by Queen Elizabeth to recognise the value of indigenous forests and to nurture, preserve and save them for future generations.

The target is 20 million trees over the 53 nations which form the Commonwealth.

During this Royal Visit, Australians have experienced what it means to be a monarchy. We have a system that protects our constitution from political control – and in this regard have we not experienced the disruption and upheaval caused by our elected politicians over recent years? Furthermore, as well as the Queen, through her representative, the Governor-General, guarding our constitution, both she and her family are dedicated to doing whatever they can to ensuring a better life for their people.

Whilst the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been out and about, as well as giving encouragement to those involved in such notable activities as The Queens Commonwealth Canopy, the main purpose of the visit is to open, to be involved in, and to close the Invictus Games, that magnificent charity established by Prince Harry on his return from war service to help the casualties of war find meaning to their battle-scarred lives through engagement in sporting activities.

As can be readily seen, it’s not about the Queen living in a big house in London telling us what to do as, Mr Fitzsimons says. Not only does the Queen not tell us what to do - we have an elected parliament to govern us - we benefit from having a royal family that is absolutely dedicated to service. The Prince of Wales raises more money for charity than anyone else in the world and his sons, William and Harry and their wives have also dedicated a large part of their lives to good works.

Prince Charles’s Prince’s Trust is also active in Australia and is engaged in a number of worthy projects.

This is what our monarchy is all about.


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