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Thank you for your enquiry about the Australian Monarchist League

As a member-based association of volunteers who actively support an hereditary independent Australian Crown we welcome your interest. Should you wish to, you can find out more about us from our website and if you have any questions please do contact us at: [email protected]

Only under our neutral Crown can the freedoms we currently enjoy be assured in perpetuity. To help maintain our stable and proven system of good governance consider joining us. We are not backed by government, media or business thus donations of any size are welcome. In either case your help will be acknowledged.

From George III to Elizabeth II this nation has prospered. Our monarchs maintain, through their duty and impartiality, our national wellbeing and security. No better system of benign authority exists. Remember this and remember us as we campaign to raise awareness of what we have but might well lose as well-financed others wrongly push their alternatives.






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