Shorten Pushes Republic on Remembrance Day

Shorten Pushes Republic on Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day, November 11, is a time when Australia, as a nation, mourns the loss of countless lives of those mainly young men who fought to retain democracy and Western civilisation. Today we have also celebrated the centenary of the end of the First World War.

However, one thing we did not expect is to see on this day was an insensitive announcement from the leader of the Federal opposition, Bill Shorten MP, committing his government to holding a $160 million national plebiscite on a republic, possibly within 100 days of forming a Labor government, putting the question: "Do you support an Australian republic with an Australian head of state?"

It is not only a disgrace to raise this issue on Remembrance Day, it is a slur to the memory of those valiant Australians who gave of their lives to maintain our democratic traditions. It also reveals the contempt Bill Shorten has of our Australian heritage and British democracy under the rule of law. He, and his republican cohorts, should be reminded that wherever their style of Marxism took a hold, it was the people and their freedoms that suffered.

The Australian Monarchist League is ready and willing to fight whatever a Shorten government may throw at us. Whilst we have no alignment to party-politics, we are also advising our several thousand members plus our 40,000 social media followers, all of which include a large number of Labor voters, that a Shorten government means a republic whereas a Morrison government means retention of our constitutional democracy.


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