Royal Powers Act (1953)

An Act of the Australian parliament which equates the powers of the Governor-General with those of the monarch and which further states that when the monarch is present in Australia she has the same powers of enactment as those of the Governor-General.

Royal Powers Act 1953 Act No. 74 of 1953 as amended

This compilation was prepared on 11 July 2008 taking into account amendments up to Act No. 73 of 2008
Prepared by the Office of Legislative Drafting and Publishing, Attorney-General’s Department, Canberra

An Act relating to the exercise by the Queen of Powers under Acts of the Parliament

This Act may be cited as the Royal Powers Act 1953.

Exercise of statutory powers by the Queen

  1. At any time when the Queen is personally present in Australia, any power under an Act exercisable by the Governor-General may be exercised by the Queen.
  2. The Governor-General has the same powers with respect to an act done, or an instrument made, granted or issued, by the Queen by virtue of this section as the Governor-General has with respect to an act done, or an instrument made, granted or issued, by the Governor-General himself or herself.
  3. Nothing in this section affects or prevents the exercise of any power under an Act by the Governor-General.
  4. In this section, references to the Governor-General or to the Queen shall be read as references to the Governor-General, or to the Queen, acting with the advice of the Federal Executive Council.

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