Republicans Show No Decency Whatsoever

Republicans Show No Decency Whatsoever

Republicans, not having any common decency, have immediately commenced their attack on King Charles and the Australian Constitution and we, the Australian Monarchist League, have no option but to counter their spurious and often false arguments

Monarchists accuse republicans of misinformation

Republicans erroneously claim that “we now have a King we didn't choose as Australians, a King that has nowhere near the level of support that his mother had, and someone who's not fit to be Australia's head of state." ABC News 24/9/22

What utter rot. If this is all the republicans can say, it’s time they packed their bags and went away instead of wasting the people’s time with this nonsense. They purposefully forget that the Australian people voted in 1999 to retain our system of constitutional monarchy and voted against a republic. The system of constitutional monarchy at the time comprised The Queen and her heirs and successors. Her heir and successor being Prince, now King Charles. It is totally erroneous therefore to claim that the people didn’t choose King Charles. They not only voted to retain the Queen, but they also voted to retain the continuation of the monarchy, which means King Charles.

They also wrongly state that King Charles is “not fit to be Australia's head of state.” Republicans know full well that the Australian Constitution does not mention the term, “head of state’ because that terminology came much later when republicans began to be formed in Europe and later around the world. It means the Head of The State and in Australian terminology that means the Governor-General who assumes that position upon appointment by the King as his representative in Australia.

For decades the Australian Republican Movement have said that they intend to strongly campaign for a republic when the Queen’s reign ends. That time is now upon us, and thus it is their responsibility to tell us why Australia should become a republic.

They don’t because they know full well that there is nothing wrong with our current system of Constitutional Monarchy. They attack the new King and not the system because they know there is nothing wrong with it. They also know that out of the world’s top five democracies, four are Constitutional Monarchies. (2020 Economist Democracy Index). They know that over 60% of Australians, particularly women, support the monarchy with King Charles III as monarch (Roy Morgan Poll, 12 September 2022). They attack the King because they can’t fault the system.

If republicans were serious about promoting a republic instead of throwing hate-insults at the monarchy, they should rather tell us how the people will fare better under a republic – and be totally truthful about it, if they can, instead of publishing meaningless semantics, misinformation and outright lies.



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