Republicans September 1st Rally will be a “Big Day Out for Useful Idiots”

Republicans September 1st Rally will be a “Big Day Out for Useful Idiots”

“The ARM’s September 1st rally will be a “Big Day Out for Useful Idiots,” Mr Philip Benwell, National Chair of the Australian Monarchist League said today.

“It takes a special kind of idiocy to think republicans have a clue what they are doing and support their cause.”

“Politicians had 120 years to read what a short paragraph in the Constitution on citizenship requirements for MP’s meant but they still totally botched it.”

“But despite this practical example of how quickly constitutional uncertainty can create political instability the republicans have learnt nothing. They now want us to take an oxy acetylene torch to our Constitution to make radical changes to it to create a Politicians Republic.”

“So far they have not produced a single clause to outline their Politicians Republic. But when they know what they want whatever they draft will still have our High Court working out what it means in 200 years.”

“If 120 years after Australians voted for a Constitution that very simply defined what an MP needed to satisfy to be eligible for parliament can produce so much political chaos imagine what chaos the perhaps 100 new changes to our Constitution required to create a republic will produce.”

“This is a recipe for a constitutional mess in Australia that we don’t need. It will create legal uncertainty, political instability, make the future difficult for business to plan for and in turn slow down the economy and cost jobs. It will retard the nation’s progress for absolutely no practical benefit whatsoever unless you are ashamed of Australia and it’s history.”

“The republicans will have us wasting time in the future solving new problems we never had until they got us solving supposed problems we really don’t have now.”

“Only people willing to be used as Useful Idiots by a self appointed republican elite will fall for it.”

“The republican movement is run by a self appointed elite who merely seek more power and influence for themselves by being part of some Vanguard for radical change in Australia.”

The elitist nature of the Australian Republican Movement is highlighted in the bizarre way their call for a local grass roots campaign to begin has come from their central office and sympathetic Federal MP’s”

“They cannot even start a grass roots campaign the right way,” Mr Benwell said.

This attempt at “Revolution from the Top” highlights everything that’s wrong with the push for a Politicians Republic.”

“September 1st is certainly not grass roots. There is no grievous problem that needs fixing or even a widespread groundswell to right a historic wrong.”

“All September 1st is about is the republican elites trying to whip up faux enthusiasm for a pointless cause amongst ordinary people they really only regard as Useful Idiots. If they can get enough of such people engaged they might finally get their pet cause noticed and finally taken seriously. The ALP know the Liberals are divided on the issue and are just playing politics.”

“If people are willing to pander to the republican elites already inflated sense of their own importance or to be used as pawns to merely create division in the Liberal Party then they are to be pitied.”

“Most Australians would just hope they soon grow up and be able to look around and one day realize it’s OK to be proud of Australia. What we have is working well and over nearly 120 years produced the most decent country on earth for an ordinary person to live in” Mr Benwell said.


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