Platinum Jubilee Lobbying Campaign



The Platinum Jubilee: our lobbying campaign
There has been no response from the Prime Minister in regard to our appeal contained in our letter to him, accompanied by over 1000 signatures, that the government properly celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  I had also written to all federal Coalition MPs and Senators with a redacted copy of the full letter but only a handful have positively responded.

It is therefore proposed that we proceed to the next stage of our lobbying campaign which is to request that you contact your local federal MP and all your State Senators by making reference to the letter, the number of signatures it attracted in a short time span and our request for recognition of the Queen's unique service and to request that they themselves write to the Prime Minister to support the appeal. We would also ask that you email Mr Morrison‘s chief of staff direct.
Links to the email address of the prime minister and his chief of staff and Principal Private Secretary, together with the contact details of all federal MPs & Senators and a suggested email for you to send are below. 
It is vitally important that we make our voice heard and do not allow what may be the last opportunity for us, and indeed all Australians, to pay tribute to their Queen for her wonderful work over 70 years of service.
With many thanks
Yours sincerely
Philip Benwell
National Chair


Contact details of the prime minister with suggested letter



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