New Farcical Republican Claims

New Farcical Republican Claims

29 December, 2019

The article today in the Courier Mail headed ‘Brexit likely to revive republican movement’ could itself well be one of the laughable but fictitious episodes of ‘Yes Minister’ which it highlights.


The article basically states that Brexit will bring about the disintegration of the United Kingdom which will lead to a republic in Australia.
It quotes from leading republicans, but no monarchist seems to have been interviewed, which is typical of the bias we continually experience with this type of media. Obviously, they are not interested in a view which is contrary to their own.

The facts are - Scotland held an independence referendum only 5 years ago which was overwhelmingly lost. The British government has emphasised that there will not be a further referendum on this issue.

There would probably be civil war in Northern Ireland if its government sought to secede from the United Kingdom.

Notwithstanding this, any move by any political organisation to break-away from the United Kingdom does not reflect in any way upon the stability of the Crown. The fact that people can talk about secession in Scotland and a republic in Australia is clear indication of the freedom and democracy that we enjoy under the Crown. One wonders whether such freedom would exist were we ever to become a republic.

Furthermore, Australia is an independent nation. We make our own decisions and are not answerable in any way to the United Kingdom. The fact that we, by our own choice, have the Queen as our sovereign head of state represented by our Australian Governor-General, has nothing whatsoever to do with any independence movement in any part of the United Kingdom or indeed throughout the Commonwealth Realms.

We urge editors of newspapers to be impartial and seek a response from monarchists before going to print with any article promoting a republic.
I urge newspapers like the Courier Mail to concentrate on issues of importance to their readership rather than spending valuable resources in pushing a cause that is moribund. The subject article is beyond rational belief, particularly when it is quite clear that there will be no move towards a republic under our current prime minister.




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