Monarchists Stand Up Against Removal of Statues

Monarchists Stand Up Against Removal of Statues

[Reference ABC News: Should statues which 'don't respect traditional custodians' be removed from around Canberra? (6/7/20)]

The Australian Monarchist League has members with many varying political opinions, but most members agree that reconciliation and advancement of social issues in Australia will have the greatest chance of success under an Australian Monarchy and the current Australian Westminster system. Statues of our past and current Monarchs, prime ministers and others are symbols of this and must be preserved.

Accordingly, the Australian Monarchist League is vehemently opposed to the removal of any statue of King George V or of Sir Edmund Barton or indeed of any of Australia’s great leaders of the past.

George V was King of Australia for 26 years and he, like his grandmother, Queen Victoria, and his son, George V1 and granddaughter, our present Queen, have always taken an interest in the welfare of native populations under their reigns. Whenever the Queen has visited Australia, she has always made a point of meeting with Aboriginal groups, as has her son, our future king, the Prince of Wales.

Why, then, is there this great angst against George V?

It seems that this is all a part of the Marxist inspired ‘Tear down the statues’ campaign’ and the ABC should be ashamed of itself for promoting such rabble rousing.

This divisive campaign, which we realise has probably not emanated from mainstream Aboriginal groups, will do the Indigenous cause no good and, in fact, is quite likely to tarnish future discussions aimed at reconciliation. The statues of George V and Sir Edmund Barton are a part of Australia’s history. We are not, yet, a communist/fascist country where symbols of the past are eradicated in favour of an uncertain bleak future.

The Australian Monarchist League condemns and will actively oppose any attempt to remove the statues. We call on the ABC to adopt, at least, a modicum of patriotism (or nationalism if they prefer) and honour those great men, like Sir Edmund Barton, who founded the nation-state of Australia.


Here is the link to the ABC News Article:


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  • Sergio Ceccacci
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    George V was a very important King , a perfect sovereign and represented the best spirit of the Australian Nation
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