The first of September is Wattle Day, reminiscent of Australian servicemen of World Wars I and II. These were men who sacrificed much to fight for their country. The freedom and the security we enjoy in Australia today is due to them.

In complete disregard to the sacrifice our soldiers of past years made, the Australian Republican Movement combined with Shorten Labor have hijacked this sacred day to try to influence others - with sausages and the like - to agree in the tearing down of our constitution. Worse, they are not telling us how our constitution is to be replaced. It’s just like requiring people to move house without telling them where they are going.

In response to the paltry barbecues organised by republicans and politicians, the Australian Monarchist League is putting its money where its mouth is and has commenced its own campaign opposing a republic. Over the next few days a series of billboards worth $140,000 will go up around the country with the message: “Reject the Politician’s Republic.”

The signs have already gone up in Victoria (Bentleigh & Derrimut) and will be going online in Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales in a day or so.

Unlike republican politicians who are using public monies to promote their republican barbecues, the Australian Monarchist League uses only funds donated by its members and supporters.

For 25 years the Australian Monarchist League has been defending the Australian Constitution. We believe that it is our constitution that has maintained the stability and security of this nation despite the best efforts of our political elite to create chaos in their thirst for more power.

The Australian Monarchist League is Australia’s largest member-based monarchist organisation. The majority of its members are Gen-Y and now Gen-Z and many of its office bearers are in their twenties and early thirties.


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