Monarchies Ensure Quality of Life

Monarchies Ensure Quality of Life

The top five countries in the world for quality of life are monarchies, according to recent 2020 statistical data taken by the U.S. News and World Report.

The rankings are based on the results of individual survey responses taken by over 20,000 participants, and the top five countries who placed in the “Quality of Life” subcategory.

The data reflects elements such as a good job market, family friendly, economically stable, and affordable - are all, without fault, functioning monarchies:

World Rank #1 - Canada

Population: 37.59 million
Government: Democracy/Constitutional monarchy

How the Canadian Monarchy works

Canada functions as a parliamentary democracy, and is headed by a Prime Minister (currently Justin Trudeau), as well as a constitutional monarchy with executive authority invested in the Queen. Much like Australia, the Canadian government has three levels (Federal, Provincial, and Municipal), and a Governor-General.

Canada Monarchy

World Rank #2 - Denmark

Population: 5.806 million
Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy (similar to the Australian monarchy, but without an upper house)

How the Danish Monarchy works 

Denmark’s current monarch, Margrethe II, oversees the nation alongside Prime Minister Mette Fredericksen. Prior to this form of government, Denmark was part of an absolute monarchy, wherein both Denmark and Norway were governed by the same monarch until 1849.

Denmark Monarchy

World Rank #3 - Sweden

Population: 10.23 million
Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy

How the Swedish Monarchy works

Like Denmark, Sweden was part of the absolute monarchy. But, unlike Denmark, Sweden also invests legislative power in a council called the Riksdag. The current monarch, Carl XVI Gustaf, holds power alongside the Riksdag speaker and the Prime Minister.

Swedish Monarchy

World Rank #4 - Norway

Population: 5.368 million
Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy

How the Norwish Monarchy works

Norway is considered one of the most developed democracies in the world. The current monarch, Harald V, holds executive powers, but the Prime Minister practises them. The Parliament of Norway, formally known as the Stortinget (Grand Assembly), is able to impeach members of government if their acts are declared unconstitutional.

Monarchy of Norway

World Rank #5 - Australia

Population: 24.99 million
Government: Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy

How the Australian Monarchy works

It is no surprise Australia makes the top five when it comes to quality of life. Like Canada, the Commonwealth of Australia is reigned by Elizabeth II, who is represented by the Governor-General (currently David Hurley) at Federal level and by governors at state level. Our Prime Minister consequently answers to the Governor-General and the Federal Executive Council.

Australian Monarchy

What does it mean for us?

The report uses a methodology which takes into account the policies which create and influence a country’s potential for possibilities, the people who endorse and drive those policies, and the general history of the country which shapes its environment and its peoples’ overall perspectives.

Each country was scored on 65 attributes, and these attributes were grouped into nine subrankings: Adventure, Citizenship, Cultural Influence, Entrepreneurship, Heritage, Movers, Open for Business, Power, and Quality of Life.

It is not a coincidence that monarchies hold the top five places for “Quality of Life”, but fact based on real data, taken from real survey responses by real citizens of these nations.

This reinforces the fact that Australia ought to maintain the Australian monarchy, which keeps the political class in check, if it is to be the best country it can be.

If Australia was to become a republic, we would risk losing these qualities which otherwise protect and ensure our unique way of life.

See our petition that is a show of support for the Australian Monarchy.

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