Federation Day - January 1st

Federation Day - January 1st

The Australian Monarchist League reminds all Australians that January the 1st marks the 121st anniversary of Australia’s end as six colonies of the United Kingdom and their joint establishment as a sovereign and independent nation. On that day the colonies, which became our six states, federated into one indissoluble union under the Crown and under a new constitution.

The union was the work of a number of Australian patriots who gathered together in several conventions in the 1890s to deliberate upon forming the new nation of Australia.

Whilst Britain still looked on Australia as its dominion, Australia had actually gained independence. Our politicians were subject solely to the new Australian Parliament and within 30 years the Governor-General would be nominated, not by the British government, but by the Australian prime minister and the British had to accept that Australia, Canada and other ‘dominions’ were sovereign and independent and had equal status to that of the United Kingdom.

The members and supporters of the League combine to give thanks to our Founding Fathers and to all those over the past 121 years who have fought for freedom and democracy. Above all, we pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, who has been our sovereign head of state for more than half of our existence as a federated nation.

The League has put out a call that should anyone wish to learn more about our Founding Fathers and their efforts to bring the then six colonies together, please visit www.nationhood.org.au, a charitable foundation established for the purpose of educating all on our system of governance and on Australian nationhood.


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