Dictatorship powers to be given to the Australian government under the new republic system

Dictatorship powers to be given to the Australian government under the new republic system

Republic lobbyists are proposing a new system that would give the political party in office such significant influence over the powers of the head of state it would pave the way for a dictatorship to form.

The Australian Republican Movement has stated that under their new system the head of state would take on the constitutional role in government that the King or Queen and Governor-General have today.

With the head of state likely to be appointed and answerable to the governing party, this would give the Prime Minister almost dictatorial powers over the entire nation with no chance or opportunity for the Australian public to do anything about it until election time.

Can we trust the Labor or Liberal party to remain impartial?

The head of state needs to be unaligned to any political party, and needs to remain impartial if using reserved powers.

The Queen and Governors-General have done an excellent job fulfilling the role.

The powers were last used in 1975, at a time when the government would not go to an election in order to resolve serious and urgent matters.

Would republican heads of state do that to their own party?


A head of state, loyal to the party that put them in the position, would likely use powers to continue to push the party agenda that had put the political system in deadlock.

This is what the Prime Minister in 1975 pressured the Governor-General to do.

Australia needs an impartial head of state

Australia needs a head of state that will remain impartial and ensure the political process is working for the everyday Australian.

Since 1966, Australian Governors-General have been Australian citizens, and even though appointed by the Prime Minister, keep a neutral position by answering to the Queen, rather than a political party. Together they work closely to serve as head of state.

Australia is fortunate to have the Queen provide that role.

There is no established group, individual, nor organisation better suited to be trusted with the reserved powers of Australian parliament.

Australia needs to keep this valued relationship and opportunity as long as possible.

We are at a greater risk than ever

Even though Australia voted ‘No’ to a republic, there have been a number of politicians and lobby groups who continue to campaign for it.

These groups specialise in spreading misinformation, half-truths, and romanticising the idea of a president.

Australian Monarchist League (AML) needs help from every Australian to combat this.

How can you help?

Sign this petition as a show of support for the current system of government.

Help fund a campaign through becoming an AML member or making a donation. A $10 contribution can help AML reach 5,000 people, typically resulting in up to 10-12 new members.

Share the message with family and friends in a polite and inclusive way.

Together, we can make change in the community for the better, and protect our way of life for everyone and future generations to come.

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