ARM Links with Shorten Labor

ARM Links with Shorten Labor

The Australian Republican Movement has established a campaign team with Shorten Labor to promote a republic.

In a notice dated 26 June 2018 the ARM has notified Labor Senators and MPs that they can “share local events directly with our local supporters and volunteers” and (we) “can connect your staff with local contacts and advice on local knowledge and skills.”

MPs and Senators are to provide information which would assist the republican movement in its self-styled republic campaign scheduled for September 1.

A number of Labor Party members have come to the Australian Monarchist League with concerns regarding the close association campaign-wise between the ALP and ARM. Acknowledged in a meeting chaired by the Labor spokesman for a republic Matt Thistlewaite was that the republican movement was struggling with female and culturally diverse demographics.

Whilst we understand that the basic use of taxpayer funding is possibly within guidelines, it certainly does not pass the ‘pub test’, not the least of which is because the Australian people overwhelmingly defeated a republic at the last referendum.

This is a case of the Labor Party using taxpayer funds, whether directly or indirectly, to promote an issue rejected by the Australian people.

Moreover, the question must be asked – is there a quid-pro-quo for republicans to be called upon to vote for Shorten Labor?

Whatever the case, the figures from the last referendum indicate that approximately one third of Labor voters voted against a republic. Most of these did not vote because they didn’t agree with the model; they voted because they did not want a republic.

These traditional Labor voters should consider their options at any general or by-election to send a message to Shorten Labor to stop tampering with our constitution and to get on with the job they were elected to do.


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