Anti-Queen Agenda of SA MP

Anti-Queen Agenda of SA MP

The Anti-Queen Agenda of Mark Parnell MP

South Australian Greens MP, Mark Parnell, is concentrating, not on helping struggling families and businesses to survive through the current tough economic times in the State he is supposed to care for but has declared his priority to be an anti-Queen agenda.

Mr Parnell plans to retire from the South Australian parliament, but before he goes, proposes to table a motion to abolish the Oath of Allegiance to the Queen for members of the parliament, judges, police and other officers of the Crown (InDaily 1/7/20).

In a similar manner to the cultural Marxist mob wanting to tear down statues representing Australia’s historical past, this MP seems intent on tearing down Australia’s system of constitutional monarchy by eroding our national symbols and promoting republicanism by stealth, even though the last time the people voted on constitutional change, they vehemently rejected a republic. What next does he and his cohorts have within their sights - the Australian flag?

Australia’s constitutional monarchy has, for over a hundred years, protected our democracy and, in so doing, has provided a way of life with continuity, safety, economic opportunity and family values. All this will be put into danger if Australia becomes a politicians’ republic

We are sure that the South Australian parliament has much better ways in which to spend their valuable time than pandering to constitutional vandalism.


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