Albanese Pursues Divisive Pathway

Albanese Pursues Divisive Pathway

It didn’t take long for Mr Albanese to resort to the same sort of divisive strategy that led his predecessor, Bill Shorten, to a massive rejection by the people.

In announcing the appointment of Mark Dreyfus as shadow Attorney-General and spokesperson for constitutional reform which, according to Mr Albanese includes indigenous recognition, the republic, four-year parliamentary terms and inclusion of local government in the Constitution as areas of focus. (Andrew Tillett AFR 2/6/19)

In 1999 traditional Labor came out and overwhelmingly voted against a republic. It was estimated at the time that one third of Labor voters rejected a republic with two thirds of Liberal voters doing likewise. It is probable that these figures against a constitutional change have increased. Whatever the case, pushing an agenda of massive constitutional reform will only lead to an even greater mistrust of Labor and a resounding defeat at the next election.

Whilst Rudd and Gillard spoke about a republic, they never acted upon it because they knew it was divisive. Mr Albanese, however, seems to be intent on flogging the dead horse of a republic.


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