Monarchists Call on PM to Abolish Republic Minister

Monarchists Call on PM to Abolish Republic Minister

The Australian Monarchist League has called, for a second time, on the prime minister to abolish the Assistant Ministership for the Republic. Philip Benwell, founder of the League, has said that “The assistant ministership appears to have no use, unless the prime minister’s actual intention is to fully prosecute a republic referendum if he gains a second term.

Furthermore, the position is obviously a discriminatory use of taxpayer monies as the Assistant Minister, Matt Thistlethwaite, eagerly supports the Australian Republican Movement but other than an initial meeting with the Australian Monarchist League, basically to find out what we are all about, we have not heard anything whatsoever from him and yet, as the largest organisation in defence of the Australian Constitution, we will be a party to a republic referendum if ever held. Surely, as a government minister, he should be keeping all stakeholders informed and not just republicans.”

The letter, supported by over four thousand signatures to Mr Albanese reads as follows:

“You appear to have publicly indicated that there will now be no move towards a republic referendum and yet you still have an Assistant Minister for the Republic whose expenses continue to be funded by the Australian taxpayer.

We did write a letter to you in January of this year calling on you to extinguish the portfolio of Assistant Minister for the Republic and again write to you reiterating our request that you abolish this position which, seemingly at your own admission, serves no official purpose and is accordingly yet another example of government waste of taxpayer monies.


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