ABC Refuses to Broadcast Queen's Message

ABC Refuses to Broadcast Queen's Message

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The Queen's Message can be viewed here.


Other than at Christmas, the Queen has made few televised addresses but she is to make an address to the Commonwealth tomorrow, Sunday 5 April 2020.

However,our understanding is that the ABC is purposefully not broadcasting the message. We call on all monarchists to sign this online petition calling on the public broadcaster to air the message from the Queen of Australia to her people.

I call on the Australian Broadcasting Authority to broadcast the message from the Queen which is to be released on Sunday 5 April, 2020.

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  • Peter Button
    signed 2020-04-04 17:24:19 +1100
    Why can’t Australian Taxpayers listen to Her Majesty’s address to the Commonwealth? Sorry ABC, you probably didn’t catch up on the news: Comrade Shorten was soundly rejected by the voters at the last General Election. (You should really try and stay abreast of the news, ABC: try tuning in to Seven, TEN or Channel 9).
  • Wayne Robinson
    signed 2020-04-04 17:23:21 +1100
  • Annette Mackie
    signed 2020-04-04 17:22:40 +1100
  • Garrett O'Dea
    followed this page 2020-04-04 17:22:30 +1100
  • Kathryn Ryder
    signed 2020-04-04 17:22:18 +1100
  • James Bruce
    signed 2020-04-04 17:22:17 +1100
  • Frederick Stewart Hespe
    signed 2020-04-04 17:21:11 +1100
    This is par for the ABC course. Stewart Hespe
  • Carolyn Cash
    signed 2020-04-04 17:20:49 +1100
    The ABC, as the public broadcaster, should broadcast The Queen’s Message.
  • Christian Catsanos
    signed 2020-04-04 17:20:12 +1100
  • Robert Whittaker
    signed 2020-04-04 17:20:05 +1100
    Prof Robert Whittaker, AM
  • Garrett O'Dea
    signed 2020-04-04 17:19:57 +1100
    The population is stressed, people uncertain of what the future holds and in many cases individuals are expressing genuinely fear.

    Our whole way of life has rapidly changed. People are falling ill and deaths have occurred.

    As the national broadcaster, the ABC has a responsibility to act in a manner that supports the changed posture we have all had to adopt.

    Unless there is some sort of technical reason for their decision, I cannot think of any rationale for the ABC to not broadcast a message from HM The Queen.
  • Luke Barnard
    signed 2020-04-04 17:17:47 +1100
  • Alan Burton-Stark
    signed 2020-04-04 17:17:32 +1100
  • Bob Vinnicombe
    signed 2020-04-04 17:17:28 +1100
  • Brenton O'Connor
    signed 2020-04-04 17:17:08 +1100
    Brenton Austin O’Connor
  • Andrew Shortland
    signed 2020-04-04 17:16:58 +1100
  • Aaron McDonnell
    signed 2020-04-04 17:16:52 +1100
  • Matthew Nicholson
    signed 2020-04-04 17:16:29 +1100
  • Graham  N. Norman
    signed 2020-04-04 17:15:33 +1100
  • tia campbell
    signed 2020-04-04 17:15:31 +1100
    why is the ABC refuses to air the queen’s message.
  • Ross Winter
    signed 2020-04-04 17:14:51 +1100
    What valid reason can the ABC provide for not broadcasting this message? Australia is a Commonwealth country, and a Realm country as well. The Queen is the Queen of Australia, whether the powers that be in the ABC like it or not. No wonder the people of this country are going off the ABC – because the biased ABC is going off!
  • Robin Pearce
    signed 2020-04-04 17:14:33 +1100
    Since when does this piece of trash, who gobbles up our money, decide what the public want….an overseer of this organisation is well overdue. Where is Ida Buttrose….in hiding again?
  • Joshua Wooller
    signed 2020-04-04 17:13:47 +1100
    She’s the Queen of this country
  • Steven Rutten
    signed 2020-04-04 17:12:40 +1100
  • Kieran Murphy
    signed 2020-04-04 17:12:39 +1100
  • Ben Williams
    signed 2020-04-04 17:11:09 +1100
  • Stephen John Wilms-Harvey
    signed 2020-04-04 17:10:55 +1100
    Yet again, the ABC shows their traitorous spirit.
  • Edward Robinson
    signed 2020-04-04 17:09:53 +1100
  • Rachel Bailes
    signed 2020-04-04 17:09:43 +1100
    Rachel Bailes
  • Mark Salmon
    signed 2020-04-04 17:09:32 +1100