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    25 August 2020


    The Crown is a broad church both ensuring constitutional security as well as requiring the person of the Crown, the Queen, to be involved in community and public affairs.

    The Crown is also blind as far as race, religion, social preference, economic position and such matters are concerned. Its purpose is to protect the interests of those who are under it, which, in Australia, means the people. It also requires those who represent the Crown including the Queen, her representative the Governor-General, her ministers and parliamentarians, her judges, her police and defence forces and all officials to do likewise. This is why many uniformed officials wear – or should wear - the badge of the Crown.

    Many pages in this website deal with the system of governance in Australia under the Crown. This blog page ‘Monarchy Matters’, however, specifically looks at Her Majesty’s involvement in community and public activities together with that of her Royal family.

    Please feel free to peruse this section and should you wish to make a suggestion or comment you can email us using the form on this website at: [email protected].


  • Prince Charles Message of Hope

    25 August 2020


    Prince Charles, the future King of Australia, has shared a message of hope and support for Victoria amidst the current wave of COVID-19 we find ourselves in. 

    Posted by Victorian Young Monarchists

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