Prince Charles Message of Hope

Prince Charles Message of Hope


Prince Charles, the future King of Australia, has shared a message of hope and support for Victoria amidst the current wave of COVID-19 we find ourselves in. 

Posted by Victorian Young Monarchists

The Prince of Wales – himself a former sufferer of COVID 19 – has reached for poetry to reassure Victorians that despite the darkness brought upon them by the coronavirus pandemic, better times will return.

"You will soon see sorrow go down with the sun," quoted the man who would be King of Australia in a message of hope to Victorians.

Recalling his relationship with Victoria that began with a "very happy six months" as a student 54 years ago at Geelong Grammar’s Timbertop campus in the state’s high country near Mount Buller, Prince Charles declared he had built a "special fondness" for Victoria.

Victorians, he said, like all Australians, had a reputation as tenacious and resilient "or indeed, as you might say in Australia, [they are] made of tough stuff."

However, referring to the bushfires and Victoria’s second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, he said that toughness had been put to a harsh test.

"My wife and I have endless admiration for your seemingly unceasing capacity for good humour in the face of great hardship," he said.

"However, I realise this capacity has been sorely tested this year which has surely been a tremendously difficult one for Australia and especially, if I may say so, for Victoria.

"I can only imagine just how incredibly hard it must be for you all, having had such early success in combating the virus, you now find yourselves in the midst of this second wave with all of its heartbreaking consequences."


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