By joining the Australian Monarchist League you will be helping to protect the system of constitutional monarchy we enjoy and along with it the Constitution of Australia.

Our monarchy has served us well - from when we were colonies and from the founding of the Commonwealth. In fact Australia has always been a monarchy and thus an integral part of an evolving system of governance with a thousand year history. Today we have stability in a difficult world. Our Australian Governor-General is head of state when in office and our distant monarch acts as a final check on political power that no republican president can ever manage. Our monarchical system keeps working continuously in its protection of the freedoms each of us enjoy and that is why our primary loyalty must always be to the a-political hereditary sovereign whose existence alone is a break on corruption and the possible usurpation of power. If you believe that our system has worked and does work to our advantage then please consider joining us and help us to combat those who would wish to impose an alien system on to us.

As you will see there are a number of ways of joining the Australian Monarchist League and we have tried to ensure that everyone is able to join at an affordable price. We have no funding at all except from private individuals like yourselves and all those who practically help us do so voluntarily. Your help, of whatever kind, is decidedly appreciated.