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    Q: Would you attend a dinner if one was held?
    A: Yes

    Survey on What Functions Best Suit Members

    We note that you have not booked in for the lunch with the Hon. Eric Abetz on Wednesday 30 November and, to assist us in being able to better cater to the requirements of members, are wondering whether you can let us know why you will not be attending this lunch and what sort of functions you would prefer.

    For your information you can access details of the lunch here: Hon. Eric Abetz Lunch

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  • Petition to the Senate Regarding the Platinum Jubilee

    The Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

    Available only to Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents

    In one year's time, on 6 February 2022, the Queen will have been 70 years on the throne. A milestone never reached before by any British monarch and by only three other monarchs in known history. [The others were Louis XIV of France d 1715 (72+ years), Rama IX of Thailand d 2016 (70+ years) and Johann II of Liechtenstein d 1929 (70+ years)].

    Following the Queen's visit to Australia in 1954, where an estimated 75% of Australia’s population came out to cheer her as she travelled around Australia, Australian governments did relatively little to celebrate her Golden and Diamond Jubilees and, as a consequence, they passed by relatively unnoticed.

    This is an e-petition calling on the Senate to establish an all-party group to prepare nation-wide celebrations honouring the Queen on her Platinum Jubilee.

    We call upon all those who honour the Queen to sign this online petition which will be tabled in the Senate in its June sitting.

    The current rules governing petitions to the Australian Senate require your real name and a genuine email address. Since these details may be verified by parliamentary officers it is essential that our petition does not reach any stumbling block. This petition is totally in-house and does not use any external facility. Accordingly, your details will be kept absolutely confidential at all times and names and email addresses will not be used by us unless you opt in to receive information from the Australian Monarchist League including details of the petition and its presentation and reception in the Senate.

    Yours sincerely

    Philip Benwell
    National Chair
    Australian Monarchist League


    PS: Some servers block links and if you are facing any difficulty in signing the petition, just send us your name and email address with permission for us to include you. [email protected]

    To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

    The petition of the undersigned shows:

    • 6 February 2022 will be the 70th anniversary of the accession of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to the throne of Australia.
    • A platinum jubilee is a milestone never before reached by a monarch in the shared history of Australia, the United Kingdom and the 14 other Commonwealth realms. It is an historic occasion worthy of public celebration.
    • On 12 January 2021 the British Parliament established an all-party parliamentary group called “The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Society of the Houses of Parliament” to discuss how to best mark the Platinum Jubilee in the United Kingdom

    Your petitioners ask that the Senate:

    initiate a working group, consisting of Senators and Members of the House of Representatives from all parties, to plan nationwide events to celebrate this momentous occasion.

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    Hi there, just went into the membership section of your website to change the settings on my membership and this form came up. I would like to change the settings on my membership so that my debit card does not get automatically debited every year. I would like for someone from AML to contact me each year when my membership is due so that I can then give approval newly to have my card debited. Thank you! Regards, Carmela

    Contact Us

    Mailing Address

    The Australian Monarchist League
    PO Box A1213
    Sydney South NSW 1235


    [email protected]

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    Congratulating the Prime Minister

    Labor leader, Anthony Albanese has called on the prime minister to provide more funding to the ABC. The prime minister has rejected the call and should be congratulated.

    To the Prime Minister, the Hon. Scott Morrison MP
    Parliament House

    I applaud your decision in dismissing the call from Labor leader, Anthony Albanese, to reverse the government’s funding freeze on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Carmela Langella