Why is the Queen's birthday celebrated in June?

Why is the Queen's birthday celebrated in June?

Queen Elizabeth II was born on 21st of April 1926.

But in ACT, NSW, NT, SA, TAS and Victoria we celebrate the Queens's Birthday Holiday on the second Monday of June each year. In WA & QLD, the holiday is celebrated in October.

Why is this so?

The holiday in fact has origins long before Queen Elizabeth II.

It started in 1788 when Arthur Phillip, the Governor of NSW at the time, established the holiday to celebrate the birthday of King George III, the first king of Australia, and has continued to be held over the past 232 years, although sometimes in other months either to suit the individual reign or the calendar of the national or state government.

The Queen's Birthday holiday is a good opportunity for us to reflect on and appreciate what the Monarchy has provided to Australia:

A culture and community where great Monarchs like Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II fulfilled the role of the Crown with sincere modesty and commitment to the people they served.

A well-developed system of government that ensures the rule of law and that politicians remain subject to the Constitution.

Leadership in achieving peace, diplomacy, and progression amongst the many nations and communities in the Commonwealth.

We are to be eternally grateful for the way of life we now have, not just for ourselves and our children, but for everyone in our communities.

Long live the Queen.

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