The Prince and Princess of Wales to Visit Australia

The Prince and Princess of Wales to Visit Australia

The Prince and Princess of Wales to Visit Australia

The Australian Monarchist League is delighted to learn that the Prince and Princess of Wales are proposing to tour Australia in 2023. In the event they are accompanied by their children, it will be the first opportunity for Australians to see Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis on Australian soil.

Their Royal Highnesses last visited Australia in 2014 and had planned to visit in 2020 but this had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. The visit was to enable them to pay particular tribute to bushfire affected communities as they, along with the Queen and other members of the Royal Family, were exceptionally distressed at the death toll, widespread ecological damage, and destruction of homes as a result of Australia’s bushfire crisis as they were for the later widespread and traumatic floods.

The proposed visit for 2023 will provide an opportunity for them to empathise with Australians still affected both by earlier bushfires and the more recent devastating floods.
A royal tour of this nature not only embodies the love that the Crown and the Royal Family have for Australia but affords Australians an opportunity to visibly express their support for the system of constitutional monarchy which so many deeply value as a protection of their freedoms and democracy.

The Australian Monarchist League also wishes to thank the Prime Minister, the Hon. Anthony Albanese MP, for his “standing invitation” to King Charles to visit Australia and trusts that it will not be long before Australians have an opportunity to greet their new King.



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