Petition to the ABC over its Coronation Program Attack on the King & The Crown

Petition to the ABC over its Coronation Program Attack on the King & The Crown



This is a petition to the Board and Management of the ABC calling upon them to apologise for its biased coverage of the coronation of King Charles III with a demand that such hi-jacking of a significant historical event never be allowed to occur again.

‘The historic and momentous occasion of the crowning of Australia’s King was not an opportunity for elements within the ABC to pursue their pet topics and tortured view of history without even trying to provide a semblance of balance. The taxpayer deserved better as did the reputation of the ABC that has a strict charter by which to abide which was flagrantly disregarded,’ said AML Campaign Chair, Eric Abetz.

Nothing less than a full independent inquiry into the circumstances of this highly inappropriate hi-jacking of the broadcasting of the coronation is required. This was history in the making. History was unfolding before our eyes with a gathering of world leaders second to none. Instead of celebrating the occasion and informing viewers of who was arriving and their position and the traditions associated with the various elements of the coronation viewers were subjected to a diatribe of monologues by ABC personnel peddling their pet subjects backing each other’s views. Knowing there would be a huge audience for the coronation it appears the occasion was deliberately used to pursue an agenda to denigrate the constitutional monarchy which has served Australia so exceptionally well for well over a century.

The universal feedback received has been that the ABC has done itself irreparable damage but some of its tattered reputation might be salvageable with an unequivocal apology and inquiry to fully expose the circumstances which allowed for this significant occasion to be so derailed,’ Mr Abetz said.

We appeal to anyone who was outraged by the ABC coverage of the Coronation to please sign the petition below which will be sent to the Chairman and Board of the ABC in the form of a public letter.

To the Chairman and Board of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
700 Harris St, Ultimo NSW 2007

We the undersigned call upon the Board and Management of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) to:

1. Apologise to the taxpayers and people of Australia for the manner in which the coverage of the coronation of Australia’s King Charles III was presented;
2. Acknowledge that the coverage presented was in clear breach of the ABC’s own editorial standards which require independence and integrity together with impartiality;
3. Acknowledge that the coverage was not fair and honest in its dealings on the occasion of the coronation, also in breach of its editorial policies;
4. Acknowledge that the behaviours outlined above have substantially undermined the trust the viewing public may have had in their taxpayer funded national broadcaster;
5. Discipline and counsel those ABC staff members responsible for this outstandingly bad decision to hi-jack such a momentous and historic occasion; and
6. Ensure that such an egregious abuse will not be repeated by holding an independent Inquiry.

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