The 2022 Federal Election - Coalition or Labor/Republican?

The 2022 Federal Election - Coalition or Labor/Republican?


AML Surveys

From time to time we ask questions on various issues which help us to know what our supporters and potentially the wider community are thinking. With the possibility of an Albanese republican government, with a Minister for a Republic, in place in a few months’ time it is important for us to get some idea of this thinking to enable us to prepare.

The following survey is to ascertain whether our members would prefer the Liberal/National Party to remain in power or whether they favour a Labor government even though it is committed to a republican agenda. The way our voting system is set up, it can only be one or the other at this stage.

In no way do we wish to breach confidentiality and participation in the survey is totally optional. All answers will be kept confidential.

Make sure the box “Don't publish my responses on the website” if It appears, is ticked.

Which of the major political parties would you prefer to see in government: