Stop befuddling the people. Republicans must tell us what they propose

Stop befuddling the people. Republicans must tell us what they propose

The latest announcement that “The Australian Republic Movement will join with Labor, Liberal and Greens MPs to rally support for a republic..” (Australian 14/7/18) is an indication of how morally bankrupt our parliament is. All of these members and senators of the Federal parliament who are combining to do away with the Queen have actually sworn to ”.. be faithful and bear true allegiance..” to Her Majesty. Not, as republicans claim “the British Queen” but to the Queen as Queen of Australia.

Monarchists oppose a republic, not for the sake of the monarchy alone, but to retain the Australian Constitution, an Australian and not a British document formulated and voted upon by Australians and which continues to serve Australia well. It also blocks politicians from assuming total power which could well happen under a republic.

Republicans say they want an Australian citizen to become head of state. Whilst our constitution doesn’t mention head of state, who are earth do they think General Sir Peter Cosgrove is? Why don’t they come straight out and say they want a president heading a republic instead of trying to befuddle the people with their mantra of head of state.

There is no such thing as a minimalist republic. The last proposal required nearly 70 changes to our constitution and even that would not have worked. If republicans want to push for a republic then they should draft a new constitution and tell us how they propose to better what we already have.


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