“The Republican’s ‘Big Day of Grass Roots National Mobilisation’ totally bombed out,” the Chair of the Australian Monarchists League, Mr Philp Benwell said today.

“Across the whole of Australia their website indicates they had three BBQ’s and a few people had some drinks in a bar in Adelaide. That does not equate to a National Mobilisation. It was a complete bust no matter how the Republican’s try to spin it,” Mr Benwell said.

“It went off like a soggy fire cracker and was totally unnoticed”.

“With all their resources – donations from Billionaires like Jamie Packer, a full time CEO, a National Political Co-Ordinator, the support of the Labor Party headed by a Shadow Minister for a Republic and the Unions, their National roll-call of events was utterly pathetic.”

“In NSW they had a picnic at Coogee Beach that was dwarfed by the one the AML had at St. Leornards, In Melbourne and Perth some local ALP branches met for another picnic and in S.A. a few struggled along to share a drink at a bar. But in Queensland, Tasmania, the ACT and NT nothing happened. Zip, Donut, Nano, Nothing.”

“In contrast the AML was able to rally massive enthusiasm and support for our current Constitution so much so that we were able to run a series of National Roadside Billboards for most of the week and into next week that cost over $100,000”.

“In a week when even Bill Shorten said on ABC morning radio that the Governor-General is our Head of State it is clear most Australians regard the republicans claim that we need an Australian as head of state as utter nonsense.”

“The republican’s damp fizz today shows their movement is top heavy with elitists, air-head, loud-mouths and Big-Noters but little support by ordinary Australians,” Mr Benwell said.


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